Here’s looking at you kid! New mobile app for families

New free mobile app 23snaps offers parents a private social network to keep close family and friends updated on their children’s lives

Grandparents all over the world will be celebrating the launch of 23snaps, the new free app that enables parents to privately share with a select network of family and friends, every special moment of their child’s lives. Featuring real-time updates of photos and footage, the app links families via their iPhone, iPad, or an email alert, so they can instantly see the first smile, step, or word!

23snaps is the brainchild of technology entrepreneur and father-to-be Ivailo Jordanov who says: “We thought there needed to be a quick and easy way to capture your child’s special moments, keep them in one place, always with you, and share them with your loved ones in real time. There is no better place to do this than on your phone. There are existing social networks where you are connected with a wide group of people, whereas 23snaps enables you to share these private moments with a small hand-selected group of family and close friends.”

Developed by a team of fathers and fathers-to-be the app will keep your family connected, simply and speedily, just add a child to your profile and get snapping! Mark the moments in your children’s lives on a virtual timeline and ‘tag’ them in different entries, whether it’s a photo, video, status update or a development milestone. The updates are in real-time, so the second something is added, your chosen few will get an instant notification. And if you don’t have an iPhone, no problem! Group members can still receive all posts, photos and updates via email in a daily or weekly package.

But more than just for family members, the app is perfect for parents themselves who are forced through work to spend time away from their family. Whether that be short business trips abroad or more prolonged periods of time such as working in the armed forces, wherever you are, the app allows you to stay connected with your child so you can still enjoy their every precious move.

The app allows families to share ‘snapshots’ in time. And with the 23rd chromosome deciding your baby’s sex – either an X (girl) or a Y (boy), and the combination of the two determining what you’re having – ‘23’ ‘snaps’ was born!

For more details go to www.23snaps.com

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Hot new iPad and Kindle cases in summer hues by Capulet

Harrods now stocks Capulet’s luxurious clutches and wristlets for iPads,iPhones and Amazon Kindles. Just in time for summer, the range features some hot new hues including Sunset Red, Seashell White and Powder Blue to ensure an on-trend, fresh summer look.

The range includes the Olivia and Eve clutches. The Olivia clutch has room for an iPad, whilst the Eve clutch has room for an Amazon Kindle. Capulet handcraft all of their clutches in England using only luxurious Italian and French leathers. The fit and finish of these clutches is uncompromising in their quality and finish.

The range is available now with prices starting from £144. Customers canfind Capulet’s products at Harrods’ Knightsbridge store or online atharrods.com.

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Gadget of the Week: iPad foldup keyboard

The Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 is ideal for typing on-the-go. When closed the keyboard rests securely underneath your iPad 2 and when open, it holds your iPad 2 at the perfect angle for typing and taking notes. Run from meeting to meeting or class to class without missing a thing. Charged by USB the keyboard wakes up and is ready to go as soon as you unfold it and automatically turns itself off when it’s folded.

Available from www.logitech.com

 Price £ 89.99

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Board games for all you girl geeks

If you’re not just a girl geek but also a girl nerd then, like me, you probably like playing board games. Traditional board game set up can be a bit tedious what with all those pieces that need counting out and setting up, not to mention the storage space required for all those boxes.

Luckily the iPad has amazing range of board game apps, meaning you can carry them around and it even sets up the pieces for you! Here are a few of the top contenders.


All classic boardgames from chess through backgammon to go and even Othello have many many implementations for the iPad. One of the most unusual is Game Table, which doesn’t implement the rules or force correct moves only but just lets you move pieces as you want.


EA Games do a great line in all the family classics you’ll have played when you were a kid: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Scrabble and so on. If you also have an iPhone or iPod touch, Scrabble has a lovely feature where you can use your phone as a tile rack, with the iPad as the main playing board area. However my favourite of EA Games offerings is The Game of Life – they’ve even replicated the 10 number spinner that you flick to determine how many squares to move.


Finally all the classic Eurogames are implemented, including the world famous Settlers of Catan, Spiel des Jahres winning Carcassonne and GAMES magazine’s board game of 2010 – SmallWorld (2 player only).

There’s also an increasing number of games from from Sage Board Games, the most significant Eurogame developer for the iPad: Medici, Ra and Tikal are already in the Apple store with Puerto Rico, Le Havre and Tigris and Euphrates rumoured to be coming soon.

It’s a board game girl geek paradise!

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Sky Go – TV on the move

The new Sky Go App brings together online and mobile TV in a single, simple service for Sky TV customers. You can now get flexible access to Sky content across iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and it is now available in the App Store.

Sky Go lets you watch live channels (in line with your subscription) while on the move in the UK and Ireland. On iOS devices, Sky TV customers can access all five Sky Sports channels, ESPN and Sky News, with further channels to be added over time. This means that Sky Sports customers will be able to watch a top line-up of live sports on the move for free and a  selection of Sky Movies.

Sky Go brings together two existing services, Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service and Sky Mobile TV, the UK’s largest mobile TV service – the services now rebranded as Sky Go.

The Sky Go App is now available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore.

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