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Guest Post: Five fab business apps

With advances in technology and smart phones, it is now easier to run a business than it has ever been before. Whether the business is small or large, there are great smart phone apps available that can improve your company. Many of the business apps available allow for the company to save time and money; the goal of every business. While there are a lot of great business apps available, here are 5 top apps that can be downloaded from your mobile phone’s network or wi-fi offered by your internet service providers.


Expensify allows someone to expense a business trip. Most businesses will not repay the employee for something on a business trip unless they can provide a receipt. This means that they have to try to hold on to every receipt which can sometimes be tricky! Expensify allows you to log each expense and then take a picture of the receipt. All of this information is stored in the app, so there is no need to try to save everything.


Tripit is an application that helps with business trips. It can be hard to keep track of all of your flights and hotel reservations on an extended business trip, but the Tripit app will now do all of that for you. After all of the travel information is entered into the app, Tripit will then make an easy to follow itinerary.


Dropbox is a great business app that businesses of all sizes can use. To use the Dropbox app, the business must first download Dropbox onto their computers. Dropbox allows for anything to be safely saved and stored on their systems. Anything saved in Dropbox can then be accessed from any computer or smart phone. This allows for everyone in the business to have all of their important information with them at all times on their smart phone. This eliminates the need to have to print out reports and give them to everyone; they can now have them electronically on their phone.


Square is a great application for small businesses. Square allows any business to be able to process credit card payments with a smart phone. There is no need to buy all the expensive credit card machines when you can download Square. Once the credit card information is entered into Square, it is instantly transferred to the company’s bank and customer’s credit card company.

WebEx Meeting Center

This app allows for a business to conduct conference calls and meeting through their smart phone. Documents and presentations can be viewed on the phone’s screen while still being able to talk to each other.

Guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website www.broadbandexpert.com

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Shopstyle: how to never leave your house again!

As you might guess from the name, ShopStyle is a shopping app. It’s available on the iPad and iPhone and Nikki blogged about it when it first came out. ShopStyle is one of my favourite apps, here’s why…

ShopStyle has access to a great range of different clothing (and shoes! and accessories!) brands from economical basics to designer extravaganza. Starting from A some of the brands available are: Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Agent Provocateur, All Saints, American Apparel – hopefully you get the picture.

The products, diverse in the extreme in terms of price and quality, appear side by side in the app by default, which is slightly surreal. To tailor the view to suit your personality (and budget) you can filter by Brand, Store, Size, Colour, Price, Sale and custom Keywords.

The app is in the classic iPad design and features a short description, price and lovely pictures for each item. The layout, speed of search and quantity of items make this a much nicer experience than using the shops’ own websites.

To purchase an item you are taken to the shops’ own site, meaning you have to set up several accounts and can’t make cross-shop purchases in one go. However, although this is irritating, as an IT professional I understand why they have structured the site this way – they’re reusing the existing stock systems that the shops have already invested in. If ShopStyle had decided to track each store’s inventory directly, this would have taken so much effort for each shop that the app would never have got off the ground.

There is also a small bonus for iPad users, as the current system means that ShopStyle must therefore have checked that the websites work with Safari on iPad (unlike some other big brand sites!).

ShopStyle is an absolute life saver for me and means that I actually have some clothes, when I wouldn’t have time to go shopping otherwise!

If you haven’t tried it, please do give it a go. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can now window shop from the luxury of your own home/iPad/iPhone whatever your gadget of choice is!


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Techs in the City…apps for city chicks

We’re all busy busy busy running around town in our Loubouts’ so check out these handy iPhone apps to make our hectic lives run a bit more smoothly…

Awesome Note (+To Do)

Combine notes and todos in one handy app. Simply jot down your ideas, thoughts and memos and create daily diary, to do lists, travel diary, shopping list, it just goes on and on. You can even customize its look with themes, different folder icons, colours and fonts – after all a girls gotta have lists!

Business Card Reader – SHAPE Services

Business Card Reader takes a business card picture with your iphone camera and ‘reads’ it using text recognition technology. It then enters the contact information into appropriate fields on your iPhone address book. It saves time and the hassle of entering the details manually which can be SO dull! Perfect for networking events.

Tripdeck Travel Itinerary Manager

Manage your hotel reservations, car hire, flights, meetings and more with easy to read Trip Decks for each itinerary. You can also view your entire itinerary on a gorgeous map as well as editing and sharing on the go.

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Baby safe monitor for iPhone loving parents

If you have a baba and an iPhone then this fab ‘app’ is definitely worth a try.

No need to buy separate equipment to monitor your baby whilst they’re sleeping as this application turns your IPhone into a baby monitor, sending both video and audio direct to your phone wherever you may be.

There are no worries about range, like with a regular baby monitor, as it is all digital, so if you’ve managed to get a babysitter and you’re out and about you can still see and hear everything your little darling is doing or you could maybe have a glass of wine and try and relax?!

The only extra equipment you need is a camera so you could use your own or if not the Apple store has one to offer which is small, mobile and wireless.

The Baby Safe Monitor app is comparable to premium baby monitors on the market but is a third of the price. It is available from the Apple ITunes Store for £22.99.

For further details check out www.apple.com/uk/iTunes


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Digital monitoring eliminating all static noise common to baby monitors
  • 10 digit hexadecimal Pin number with 64 bit encryption security so no one else can log in
  • Excellent quality video of baby
  • Two way audio enabling you to hear everything and speak to anyone looking after your baby live
  • Infrared low Lux night monitoring (minimum illumination: 0.5Lux @ F2.0)
  • Pan and tilt camera movement controlled from iPhone
  • Take snap shot photos anytime and save to your photos
  • Record by movement sensor option
  • Sound muting option both ways
  • Personalized settings
  • Free future upgrades
  • Lifetime support
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