How To: check your data usage on an iPhone

Always tweeting and surfing the web and not sure how much data you have used from your limit? All you need to do is the following:

  1. Go to iPhone settings
  2. Sroll down and select General
  3. Then select Usage
  4. Scroll down and then select Mobile Usage
  5. The screen will show you a detailed breakdown of your Mobile Network Data, how much you have sent and received.
  6. If you want to reset your statistics so you can monitor how much yo use over a certain time period, click on Reset Statistics and then check back in a week to see how much you have used.

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Gadget of the Week: gorgeous iPhone wristlet

Capulet, the London-based luxury women’s accessories label has just announced a new line of wristlets designed for the new iPhone 4S.

Made in England from the very best French and Italian leather, the iPhone wristlets are available for pre-order now. Customers will start to receive their iPhone wristlets at the end of October.

Each iPhone wallet features an internal iPhone compartment, room for credit cards, and a coin compartment. The wallet is finished with a detachable wrist strap with a handy keyring too.

The iPhone wristlet will be available in a range of colours including seashell white, sunset red, powder blue jet black and cobalt.

Capulet’s iPhone wristlets are priced from £229 (USD $365). You can pre-order at Capulet’s online store: http://www.capuletlondon.com/iphone.

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Gorgeous white rCube wireless speaker

The rCube is portable, easy to use, and its sound quality is pretty exceptional. Just launched in cool white this summer, it’s funky cube design is physically smaller than your average handbag and has been designed to fit in with the décor of most rooms.


Take your music with you – Built in carry handle and batteries that last up to 8 hours mean you can enjoy your music anywhere – relaxing in the bath, drinks in the garden, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, entertaining in the dining room or wherever takes your fancy.

Wireless – Nifty rWand dongle allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad from up to 15 meters away.

Unlimited music and radio – Don’t have a iPhone? The rWave USB dongle allows you to wirelessly listen to whatever’s playing on your computer from up to 100 meters away. Whether it’s the radio, an online music library or a party playlist.

World class sound – Unique speaker system delivers exceptional clarity and room-filling sound.

Mix and Match – If you ever get bored of your tracks, you can stream music from friends and family’s iPods or pass the rWand around at a party to share soundtracks.

Easy to use – Can be operated from your iPhone or the pocket-sized remote control.

Price around £500

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Big is back with new 80’s style iPhone case

The 1980s just called – it wants its phone back. Check out the new smartphone case where smartphone technology meets 80s yuppie chic.

The ‘80s Phone brings together cutting edge Smartphone technology with the bulky, unwieldy plastic design of the original eighties “brick” – making it an eye catching classic. The comically large case docks your iPhone 3, 3GS or 4 inside, leaving your iPhone screen exposed and all your Smartphone needs at your fingertips.

Funny, yet definitely ticking the retro box, the ‘80’s iPhone case will take you right back to the halcyon days when power dressing, filo faxes and liquid lunches were de rigeur.  What better way to channel Dom Jolly in classic “I’M ON THE PHONE” stylee.

Price £12.99

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Christmas Wrapped iPhone app for all your shopping

Christmas Wrapped is a new iPhone app just in time for Christmas and it solves the biggest problem almost everyone faces at this time of year – what to buy people! As well as generating gift ideas the app produces an organised shopping list of  who youʼve bought for, what youʼve bought, and whatʼs still left to buy – so youʼll never miss anybody out again.

It uses highly refined data from over 4,000 products, and 250 shops, to generate unique and tailored gift suggestions for your loved one. No more socks or dreaded gift vouchers from your Aunty.

It costs £1.19 and 10p of every download goes to the Make-A-Wish foundation who grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting lifethreatening illnesses. Thereʼs also a free version available so you can ʻtry before you buyʼ.

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