Gadget Geek meets Stylish Chic…with Cath Kidston

Long gone are the days when technology was considered purely functional, there to do the job in hand. Back in the dark ages (ok, the 90’s) mobile phones were bog-standard black or silver, and cases and shells were businessman dull. But as gadgets get smaller and sleeker, the accessories we buy to house them get ever *chic*-er, with high end designers such as Burberry, Chanel and Gucci all clamouring to clothe your beloved new iPad. Whatever make or model you champion, there’s a product out there to turn your geeky gadget into a symbol of style. But not all of us have the bank balance to match our fashionista cravings.

Step forward Cath Kidston. With her new collection of ‘Mini Gems’, accessories designed to fit your iPhone/Pod/Pad, Blackberry, or even Nintendo DSi Lite, all emblazoned with her signature, kitsch prints in numerous colour combos, gadgets will never feel naked again. And best of all, with change from a £20 note, they’re not getting  illicit angry calls from the bank manager. Who could resist?

I certainly couldn’t. A firm believer in styling my technology as I do myself (fairly well too, I might add!), I first opted around a year ago for the Mini Dot Nintendo DS Cover to add a touch of vogue to my sugar pink console.

Delighted with my purchase, and wanting to beautify my never-put-down iPhone, I recently purchased the Provence Rose Phone Case, a delicate floral print in warm pink oilcloth that hugs your phone tight, yet adds a touch of class. Utterly gorgeous, and so feminine.

Oh, and what more excuse to splurge on an iPad do I need than the prospect of wrapping it in the (slightly more expensive) Blue Mini Dot iPad Case? Hmm, time to count the pennies…

stylespylou x

To find out more about our guest blogger, check out stylespylou’s fashion and beauty blog at : http://stylespylou.blogspot.com/

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Conran iPhone Speaker Dock

The Conran iPhone Speaker Dock has been designed by Studio Conran, combining mind-blowing acoustics with elegant design. The dock’s sound has been engineered by the award winning Q Acoustics design team and the sound settings can be optimised for different room types. Conran’s new iPhone Speaker Dock has been designed to provide a luxurious home for your iPhone or iPod.

It comes with apt-X Bluetooth connectivity, so playing music from your iPad or mobile phone to the dock, wirelessly, is super easy.  It also features a remote control which can be stored on the side of the dock, an auxiliary input to connect other music sources and a rotating system to allow iPhones and iPods to be docked horizontally or vertically – enhancing menu visibility. The Conran iPhone Speaker Dock is available in white and black.

Price £249.99. Available for Pre-order today on www.firebox.com

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Audio yoga mat so you can work out with music

The Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat is designed with a small built-in speaker so you can work out or meditate while listening to your MP3 player or iPod® player.  You can also download a free instructional yoga program featuring world-renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee. This is a good quality mat with thick comfort, durability and stylish design that easily rolls up.

The Gaiam Audio Mat retails for around £25 and can be purchased directly from Gaiam http://www.gaiam.com/product/audio+yoga+mat.do

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Need to backup your files and dock your iPod?

The Dualie is a combined storage and docking station for the Apple iPhone® or Apple iPod®. You can dock your drive and iPhone® or iPod® on one base station.  It allows users to sync an iPhone/iPod with your Mac or PC whilst additionally providing a 500GB portable hard drive for backup and storage of all your files. It is compatible with the entire range of Apple iPod and iPhone devices, including iPhone 4. For anyone who has lost files in the past and had no backup this is a must!!

For further details check out http://www.dualie.net

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Gadget of the Week: ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’


With most of us heading off on our summer hols *yay*,  getting comfortable while travelling and listening to music has just become easier with the Sound Asleep Travel Pillow.

It has an innovative design incorporating two speakers; is soft and squidgey, super comfy and the speakers are undetectable and unnoticeable to the touch. You may be asking – does it disturb other passengers? But cleverly it doesn’t, and the sound is just for the lucky person with the pillow.

You just simply connect to your MP3 player ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’. No headphones to worry about, it’s also great for kids who find headphones too big to wear.

Batteries are not required – the travel pillow gets all the power it needs from the connected device. And, as it’s fully portable, the handbag-sized travel pillow can be easily thrown into your beach bag for use on your sun lounger, by the pool or packed into your hand luggage for use on business trips.

The Sound Asleep Travel Pillow is ergonomically designed to gently sit around the curve of your neck and support your head. Made from high quality soft materials with a seamless finish and filled with polystyrene beads, the plush cushion keeps its shape and is soft next to the skin – perfect for a good old snooze on a long-haul flight.

Price is £15 and is available in black with a green trim.

Check out  www.soundasleeppillow.co.uk for more details.

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