Cult hero Sackboy is being brought to life!

Earth calling  fans of the Playstation game LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy and Sackgirl are hitting the shops so you can soon get your hands on your very own in a range of guises. There is also a range of key rings and figures for you to collect. The all new Scared Sackboy joins the limited edition Happy and Angry Sackboys launched earlier this year. You can also get Sackgirl Rock and Afro Sackboy to be launched soon.

Kerings and Figures priced from £2.99 – £8.99 available at

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UV Monkey for catching some rays

The UV monkey is a key-fob sized UV ray detector. Just expose it to sunlight and it’ll tell you how strong the pesky rays are that cause nasty sun damge. It only takes a couple of secs to give you a read out on its colourful purple scale. Each part of the scale corresponds to the UV warning scales used in national forecasts too so you know when to whack on more cream and when to go indoors.

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Ecco GPS keychain

If you’ve ever lost your car in a car park after a long days shopping (it’s a girl thang), or misplaced your tent at Glasto (that’s a boy off his face thang), then this could be the gadget for you! It’s a teeny weeny GPS system that you attach to your keys that gives you the much needed directions before you start crying.

You simply ‘lock’ in your starting location, get out and about, possibly lost, and if so, just follow the ECCO’s idiot-proof LCD display back to where you started. Even better, the ECCO will store up to three locations, mmmm so I’m thinking Jimmy Choo via Selfridges with a quick stop at Zuma for a bite to eat. Perfect.

It’s charges via USB and lasts for a month on standby and approximately 2 weeks if you use it for ten minutes every day. Then again, if you need to use it more than that then you probably shouldn’t be left to go out on your own. Mwoooaaaah.

Available at for £69.95.


• Tracks up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds.
• Tracking distance up to 9999 miles.
• Store up to 3 locations (car, tent, hotel, etc).
• Rechargeable battery USB connection at home, computer, or in your car.
• Highly sensitive GPS receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking capabilities.
• Built in electronic compass that provides bearing information while you’re standing still, always pointing you in the general direction.
• Display directional arrow, direction and distance counts down as you move closer to your saved location and counts up as you move farther away.
• No service fees.
• Global range.
• Smallest personal GPS system that fits on a keychain.

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Juicy Couture USB Keyring

I really like this USB keyring from Juicy as a) it looks quite cute and b) it’s practical too. Dont know about you but I always seem to have a zillion things in my handbag and end up searching somewhere at the bottom for a USB stick. With this you can just put your keys on it and its all in one place, useful methinks. Only thing is it’s only 1GB so not a huge amount of storage and it costs around £45 which is pretty pricey compared to other ones you can get, but they just dont look as good. Nice Valentines pressie, please anyone?

Available on line at

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