Love heart flying lanterns for your Valentine

Show your beloved how you truly feel by sending a beautiful heart-shaped lantern soaring through the sky. This glowing expression of love will fly for up to 20 minutes and can rise over a mile in the sky where it will still be visible all around!

Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, flying lanterns are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for any kind of event, but this new version is specially made for lovers and is perfect for Valentine’s day, or any time you want to send a message of adoration.

Made from flame-retardant, bio-degradable materials this is a quieter, gentler alternative to fireworks and a safe, simple and perfect way to create an amazing visual display in the sky!

Available from


A pack of two heart shaped lanterns

The lanterns are created from non-flammable bio-degradable paper.

Each pack is printed with release instructions and safety instruction.

Suitable for ages 16 years+.


Lantern: 84 x 96 cm

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