Eco Chic: is fashion getting greener?

How Fashion is Going Green

When the average person considers eco-friendly clothing options, they may have images of the wardrobe from The Matrix (not the cool trenches and skintight pants they sported inside the Matrix, but the unfinished, no-color sacks they wore on the Nebuchadnezzar).  But green fashion has come a long way from the rough, un-dyed, homespun garments of yesteryear.  In fact, you may not be able to tell the difference between textiles that have harmed the planet at every turn and those that have done very little to increase your carbon footprint.  Thanks to changes in the industry that have turned an eye towards the future of fashion and how it relates to the environment, green fashion has grown.  Here are just a few ways in which the clothes on your back may be getting a little greener.


The crossover between green living and the fashion industry starts with education and the new batch of designers entering the field.  This is why it’s awesome that so many fashion schools are now offering courses that explain the goals and possibilities where green fashion is concerned, as well as offering instruction in how to make eco-friendly clothing and accessory.  Even well-known schools like the Fashion Institute of Technology have embraced the possibility of greener clothing options by hosting exhibits and offering seminars and courses in eco-fashion.


Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, eucalyptus, and plenty of other plants are all being used to create fabrics that are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, doing less harm to your body as well as the environment.  And peace silk and organic wool are gathered humanely so that no animals are killed to give you the shirt on your back (which is good for your conscience as well as the animals).  In addition to the many environmental benefits that come with these textiles, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re good for your wallet, too.  Although they may be a bit more expensive initially, they can last up to ten times as long thanks to the fact that no chemicals are present to break down the fibers prematurely.  And many designers are now opting for these fabrics in their lines, thus supporting the organic farming movement.


If you knew how many chemicals went into producing a garment (bleaches, dyes, flame retardant, stain-proofing, and even formaldehyde, amongst other things), you might not be so keen to put them on your skin.  And in addition to the potential for bodily harm, the processes used to manufacture textiles for clothing are a source of pollution and waste.  But concerned designers and manufacturers are beginning to seek ways to reduce the damage caused by clothing creation, from using natural dyes and skipping chemicals to recycling scrap cloth left over from the production of garments.


You can’t have a fashionable ensemble without a few accessories, and while some green changes are obvious (faux leather belts, shoes, and handbags, for example, or accessories made from recycled materials), others may be things you never even thought of (fair trade precious metals and gemstones for jewelry, shoes that can be recycled to create playground surfaces, etc.).  Many companies in the fashion industry are finding creative ways to go green not only with clothing, but with accessories, as well.


Perhaps you haven’t heard of up-and-coming eco-designers like Casey Larkin, Kizzy Jai Knight, and Ada Zanditon (although you should definitely check them out), but you’ve likely heard of Stella McCartney, who espouses eco-friendly fashion along with her vegetarian values.  And with more and more designers going green, it won’t be long before some of your favorite fashion houses start offering clothing options that will make you feel as good as you look.

Carol Montrose is a writer for where you can create your own custom tshirts, hoodies, and much more.

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Fitness at your fingertips with ThinQ fitness app

Have you ever wanted a one-to-one yoga class outdoors instead of sharing a stuffy room in a gym or having to watch a DVD at home? Maybe you would just like to learn to dance, take up martial arts, or squeeze in some cardio training, in your own time, wherever you choose?

Online fitness video provider ThinQ Fitness ( has launched a brand new free App which will help those who want step-by-step fitness training take their favourite classes wherever and whenever they like. The App will allow users to stream hundreds of simple video fitness classes, which are currently available on the main website, from their iPhone and iPad.

From aerobics to belly dancing there are plenty of different workouts to try. There are even workouts that you can try at the gym. The app is free and you have access to a wide selection of videos but you can always upgrade to a ThinQ Fitness membership so that you can watch all the videos on the site for only £4.99 a month.

A qualified Personal Trainer takes you through each video step-by-step and gives you pointers on how to do the workout safely. You can also pick videos that suit the amount of time you have available, for example, if you are on your lunch break and only have time for a quick workout you can pick a 10 minute routine.

The App is simple to use – pause, rewind, fast forward all at the touch of a button. You won’t even need to bring a music player with you as each video session has music you’ll want to sing along to.

ThinQ Fitness App users can also browse all the latest health, fitness and nutrition articles straight from professional health and fitness experts using the ‘Lifestyle’ feature, and benefit from regular advice from personal trainers using the Blog feature.

Check out for more details.

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Funky kitchen gadgets

Tassimo Coffee Machine

I love my TASSIMO and with its innovative barcode technology it ensures that each sip is perfect. The machine automatically scans the barcode on each T DISC to obtain the information it needs: the amount of water, the brewing time, plus the exact temperature for your favourite drink.

Whether it’s a espresso, a revitalizing herbal tea or an extra creamy hot chocolate, it prepares every drink individually at the touch of a button –  deelish coffee every time!

Available from Prices around £120, extra for the discs starting around £3-£4.

The Gamepad Chopping Board

The Gamepad Chopping Board is the must-have kitchen accessories for any hipster baker. Designed in-house at and manufactured by Joseph Joseph, the Gamepad Chopping Board is made from toughened glass and is etched with an iconic joypad design from the halcyon days of gaming. Featuring non-slip rubber feet, it provides a hygienic, odour and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation.

Available from Price £ 14.99

Aerolatte Moo

This small, lightweight cow patterned frother is perfect for cappuccinos, hot chocolate and milkshakes and it takes less than half a minute to get frothy perfection. Its black and white moo style will add a bit of fun to any kitchen. It comes in its own slimline carry case too.

Available from Price £12

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The Global Party: one invitation to rule them all

I was invited to Riga, Latvia last week to attend the press event for The Global Party we had a blast, press conferences as well as sightseeing and of course the obligatory drinking and partying with the ‘locals’ *ahem* you know who you are!  The Grand Palace Riga was host to our shenanigans and looked after the 20+ journalists in attendance admirably.

What is The Global Party?

The Global Party is a truly unique event that will unequivocally redefine the notion of a party. It is a charity event and will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September 2011 where 80+ parties will launch in a 24-hour period making The Global Party ‘the party of the decade’.

The Global Party has secured some of the best venues around the world including 5* hotels, night clubs and private residencies. The venues across 71 cities will host their unique individual party, inviting their city’s elite, thus creating a truly global guest list. From yachts in St Barts to luxury villas in Marrakech this will be an event not to be missed by the world’s elite.


Up to 15 charities will benefit from the event. Not only will monies be raised for these charities, but their cause will be highlighted to the 100,000 invited guests and the consequent press coverage will amplify the charities profile to a new global audience.

Charities benefiting include ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), The Duke of Edinburgh Award (IAA International Award Association), IIE (Institute of International Education), Blue Marine Foundation, Rasia Gorbachev Foundation, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Tusk and Sentebale and many more.


5000 pairs of tickets are available to purchase by companies and individuals with prices starting at £3000 for a pair of tickets. The Global Party acts as the ultimate corporate gift as invited guests have a choice of any one of the 80+ parties around the world.

The Directors – Lord Fink  renowned hedge fund veteran and David Johnstone luxury lifestyle expert  – will also host The Worldwide Launch Party at The Natural History Museum, London on Thursday 8th September 2011.

Each invitee will receive a limited edition ‘Global Party Key-2 Luxury silver key ring. This will not only be the guests unique entrance key for their chosen party on the night but will also give them access to a vast array of privileges around the world, for the rest of their lives.

For further details contact

The Global Party: One invitation to rule them all, raising millions for charity.

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If you love fashion and tech:

Eve’s Apple a premier online boutique for women with a love of designer fashion announced a first-in-industry collaboration with Adobe Scene7, purveyor of outstanding technology in online imaging. Eve’s Apple is pioneering the “autospin” model, where a visitor is immediately greeted with a 360-revolution of the designer item in question.

You are able to zoom to 10,000 pixels and revolve the product at will, rendering the piece in three-dimensional detail. In working with other industries, Adobe Scene7 has measured a startling uptick in conversion rates, owing to its industry-leading image renderings.

“Thanks to Adobe Scene7, we are now able to deliver stunning 360-degree fashion photography that captures each intimate, alluring detail of the items we sell. Every exquisite piece tantalizes and taunts,” elaborates Eve’s Apple co-founder Sari Turner. “Like a virtual dressing room, the enchanting, interactive technology brings these high-quality images to life, inviting visitors to zoom, spin, choose color options and play with their own beguiling style. Shopping from the comfort of your own home has never been so fun, so free-spirited or so personal.”

 The e-boutique offers the latest in woman’s designer fashion, shoes, and accessories by classic names like Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Catherine Malandrino, Guiseppe Zanotti, and Anna Sui, plus new favorites from House of Harlow, Nanette Lepore, Mara Hoffman and many more. is the brainchild of long-time business partners and Louisiana boutique owners, Sari Turner and Michele Percy. It provides an online shopping experience that exudes both style and state-of-the-art design — both in the realms of fashion and e-commerce.

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