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Five free mobile apps for your car

Phones, smartphones and tablets allow you to have the world at your fingertips, even from your car. But always be sure to consider safety first; here are some of the best apps to make your car journeys safer and more convenient.

Carrr Matey! – Android

Carrr Matey! is a parking app that allows you to log where you parked your car, making it easier to find again. The app also has a timer so you can get to your car before your parking ticket expires. If you’ve parked in a multi-storey car park, activate Harbour Mode to note the exact location of the car. Best of all, everything in the app is themed around pirates for a bit of fun.

DriveCarefully – Android, Blackberry, iPhone

Reading your texts or emails while driving is not only extremely dangerous, it’s also illegal. The DriveCarefully app takes away the temptation to take your eyes off the road by automatically reading aloud any text messages or emails you receive. You can also set an auto response to let people know that you’ve received their message, but that you are driving. This app could be a step towards reducing accidents caused by texting and driving. You can also avoid a potential £30-60 penalty and 3 points on your license from driving whilst using a mobile phone.

Road Trip Lite – iPhone

Road Trip Lite enables you to keep track of your miles per gallon and fuel economy for your car. Using this app will give you a good idea of what you are spending on fuel for your car compared with how much you use it, and will make you rethink how to get the best out of your car. Team this app up with a petrol price calculator and you can quickly assess how much your motor is costing you each week.

c:geo – Android

Geocaching is essentially a game of high-tech hide and seek. You use the c:geo app to pinpoint your location as well as a number of ‘caches’ (hidden containers that often contain some form of trinket as a reward). There are hundreds of caches to be found, and using the geocaching app to locate them can turn a normal car journey into an exciting treasure hunt.

RAC Traffic – Android, iPhone

Sitting in traffic can cause even the mildest mannered motorist to become enraged, so use this app to avoid it. Luckily, this app follows your progress and alerts you of any nasty jams that may delay your journey. The map updates in real time and lets you know if there are any new incidents.

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