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Big is back with new 80’s style iPhone case

The 1980s just called – it wants its phone back. Check out the new smartphone case where smartphone technology meets 80s yuppie chic.

The ‘80s Phone brings together cutting edge Smartphone technology with the bulky, unwieldy plastic design of the original eighties “brick” – making it an eye catching classic. The comically large case docks your iPhone 3, 3GS or 4 inside, leaving your iPhone screen exposed and all your Smartphone needs at your fingertips.

Funny, yet definitely ticking the retro box, the ‘80’s iPhone case will take you right back to the halcyon days when power dressing, filo faxes and liquid lunches were de rigeur.  What better way to channel Dom Jolly in classic “I’M ON THE PHONE” stylee.

Price £12.99

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LG unveils glasses-free 3D for mobile devices

LG Electronics (LG) announced today it will showcase a 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D display for mobile devices at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With a first look at the latest in 3D innovation, LG sets the pace for mobile 3D displays and secures its role as a forward-thinking technology leader in the mobile market.

Featuring a WVGA touchscreen and 480×800 pixel resolution, the 4.3-inch 3D display offers the optimum screen size for watching 3D on a mobile device. Viewers can watch videos or play games without straining their eyes with the display’s immersive 3D technology that provide exceptionally bright and flicker-free images.

Making 3D glasses a thing of the past, LG’s 3D display uses an applied parallax barrier technology, which delivers a series of light-blocking slits attached to the front of the LCD panel. The slits, or barriers, ensure that the left and right eyes see different images, creating an illusion of depth and a thoroughly convincing 3D effect.

Working closely with LG Display, LG has also drastically reduced crosstalk. The new display has straighter, more upright barriers that are very precisely aligned to the LCD panel. This technological advance not only means smoother, brighter, crosstalk-free images, but also a wider viewing angle than on previous parallax displays.

Bringing 3D technology into consumer’s everyday lives, LG will be demonstrating its mobile 3D display throughout CES.

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iPhone 3G vs G1 Android…ding ding

Key Features


High speed internet access via 3G and wifi


All of the above but can also run applications simultaneously such as google maps and instant messenger.



It has substantial 8GB and 16GB


 This has 192MB of RAM amd expandable 8GB micro SDHC slot



Not really the iPhone’s best feature. It has a 2megapixel camera, good enough quality to print but no video capabilities


It has a 3 megapixel camera and automatically tags photos with the GPS locator so you can savour those drunken moments, but like the iPhone it has no video.



Multi touch screen QWERTY keyboard is great but takes a little time to get used to.


It has a full button keyboard which makes it more bulky.



All the applications are supposed to be vetted by Apple so no nasty surprises when downloading.


Extras include price comparison software and to rival iTunes songs can be downloaded from Amazon’s new MP3 store.

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Hand tailoured luxury mobiles

Platinum blackberry ? Diamond encrusted mobile? Perhaps you have more money than sense and are a  teensy bit bored with your sad looking mobile.  If so, why not have a bit of “hand tailoured” luxury on your phone or iPod. customises each piece using a choice of 24 karat gold plating, 18 karat rose gold plating or white platinum plating. You can even get diamonds on there too if you’re feeling particularly bling.

It seems like a nice idea, just not sure how practical it would be. Be warned tho’, a platinum diamond encrusted LG Prada phone will set you back a measely £1299. Ouch!

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Xpress Yourself – New Nokia Supernova


  Fancy being a champagne supernova?  Well, check out these four new Nokia devices from the new Supernova range launched later on this year.

They feature stylish exchangeable Xpress-On covers that come in striking colours and glamourous surfaces for the 7610, 7510, 7310, 7210 handsets.

The covers come in the following colours:

  • 7610 -steel blue, red, bright lilac
  • 7510 – storm blue, red, emerald green and espresso brown
  • 7310 – steel blue, wasabi green, candy pink plus 3D textured designs
  • 7210 – bubble gum pink, vivid blue plus gloss finish

Available later on this year, prices vary between 125 – 225 Euros 

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