Introducing The Aeroskull from Jarre Technologies

Jarre Technologies, founded by the musical ledge, Jean Michel Jarre has unveiled its latest speaker system, the Aeroskull.

The Aeroskull features two 15 Watt speakers hidden behind sunglasses with an impressive 40 Watt Sub Woofer covering the whole of the back of the skull as well as 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), to deliver an uncompromising listening experience.

Jean Michel Jarre first used the image of the skull in 1976 on the cover of his world renowned album, Oxygene which sold over 15 million copies. He says, “For me, the skull symbolises the perfect acoustic instrument – it is the sound box for word, song and music.” mmmm….very deep JM!

The Aeroskull is compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPods and a jack cable can also connect to any Mp3 player, computer or CD/DVD player. Bluetooth simplifies connection to any smartphone and the listening experience is optimised by the APTX codecs.

Available in 11 striking colours, there is a choice to suit every taste and interior. Pretty cool we think.

Price £349

Tech Spec

50Hz to 20kHz +3db

1×102mm (4,00in) bass
2×57mm (2,25in) satellite

Total Output Power: 70W RMS @ 1% Total Harmonic
Distorsion (120W RMS @ 10% THD).
Woofers 2 x 15W; subwoofer 1 x 40W

4.50 KGS

30-pin iPod connector
3.5mm mini jack

ABS Chrome plated or painted

APTX et A2DP codecs

IR remote control
11 colours

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Plug In, Turn Up, Rock Out: Ford USB Music Box

Ford USB Music Box is an aftermarket accessory enabling drivers of vehicles not factory-fitted with a USB port to connect any USB mass storage device to their vehicle’s stereo. Songs and albums can be selected via the steering wheel-mounted controls. Devices such as phones and MP3 players recharge when connected.

Anyone who has spent a long journey endlessly flicking through radio stations knows that sometimes only your own music collection will do. However, if your vehicle doesn’t have a factory-fitted USB port, connecting your MP3 player can often result in a maze of wires, inferior sound quality, and no remote control function. Thankfully, Ford is now offering an aftermarket accessorythat provides the solution – the USB Music Box.

Offered through Ford dealers across Europe, the USB Music Box enables drivers and their passengers to plug their MP3 player, or any USB mass storage device, into the car and listen to their choice of music in razor sharp quality.

The USB Music Box consists of a USB socket, which can be placed out of sight in the glovecompartment, centre console or armrest. Any USB mass storage device, such as a mobile phone, MP3 player or USB stick, can be connected. Stored music can then be played through the AUX channel on the car’s stereo. Songs, albums and folders can be selected through the steering wheel-mounted controls, while devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras will automatically recharge whenever they are connected. Simple Plug and Play wiring means the device can be fitted and ready to play your favourite tunes in less than an hour.

Price £82.99 Available New Years Day


The USB Music Box is compatible with all Ford audio and navigation systems with AUX button in these models:

· Fiesta 2006 – 2008

· Fusion from 2006

· Focus 2004 – 2011

· C-MAX 2003 – 2010

· Kuga

· Mondeo from 2004


· Galaxy from 2006

· Transit Connect from 2006

· Transit from 2006

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Hit the beach with the Hi Sun Beach Towel

Say hi to a world of beach, sun and music with the hi-Sun beach towel. It’s essentially a beach towel with built in speakers and when you’re done sunbathing it becomes a backpack. The perfect solution for the beach, camping of just chilling in the park  so you can soak up the rays listening to your favourite tunes.

It’s compatible with iPhone®, iPod® or any other MP3  player that has a 3.5mm universal jack, and when it needs washing simply remove the speakers and pop it in the machine.

Available from


  • Dimension: 180 cm x 80 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Speaker power: 2W/4ohm X 2
  • Frequency response: 100HZ—20KHZ
  • Output:4.2V/250MA
  • Li-ion battery
  • Colors: red, black, blue, pink
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All about touchscreen gloves

Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, mp3 players – few of us can get through the day now without tapping or swooshing on those oh-so-cool touchscreens, marvelling at how a little swipe of the finger can open an app or zoom through a cluster of status updates. For all their cleverness, however, there is one major drawback to these modern wonders – reliant on your skin’s natural conductivity of electricity, they require bare fingers. Not such a big deal if you live in a friendly climate, but for those of us who spend several months of the year bundled up against the elements, using your phone or tablet outside involves an elaborate off-again, on-again, off-again juggling of gloves, generally resulting in freezing fingers and a mouthful of dirty fluff from pulling your handwear off with your teeth.

Now, though, a few companies have recognized this problem and come up with various solutions that let you leave your gloves on to text or scroll, by altering the glove to allow for the needed conductivity. Some versions merely have a small slit in the thumb and index finger that permit you access to your bare skin with minimum exposure to the cold. More sophisticated recent styles either weave conductive thread into the fingertips, or place conductive fabric on top. offers the Touchscreen Glove and the Isotoner SmarTouch Glove (from £12.99), both of which have conductive thread woven into the thumb and index finger. Fivepoint Gloves (£24.99) from Etre work on a similar theory, but weave the conductive material into all five fingertips on each glove. Dots Gloves ($20.00) have little dot-shaped patches of conductive fabric on the index and thumb, while North Face Etip gloves (£22.00) also opt for patches of fabric. Not to be outdone, Apple have naturally created their own patented iGloves (from £13.99), which would appear to work on similar principles to the others by incorporating special conductive material in the fingertips.

All sounds too good to be true? Some of the drawbacks reported with these gloves include complaints that the conductive thread can sometimes unravel pretty easily; others find that, while allowing you to text and email, they don’t actually keep your hands that warm in more serious weather. Overall, however, they seem to provide a good option to the numb-fingered among us.

If you don’t want to buy a separate pair of gloves you can always take the DIY approach by sewing conductive thread into the fingertips of any pair you already own. GloveTips ($19.99) are a product based on this idea, providing you with a kit which includes three buttons, conductive material, and a special installing needle that lets you turn your favourite pair of gloves into a techie’s winter delight.

As for this techie, my fingers are still cold. The problem? These products have proved so popular, most of the stores are sold out. More stocks are promised by the end of January.

Until next time..


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Audio yoga mat so you can work out with music

The Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat is designed with a small built-in speaker so you can work out or meditate while listening to your MP3 player or iPod® player.  You can also download a free instructional yoga program featuring world-renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee. This is a good quality mat with thick comfort, durability and stylish design that easily rolls up.

The Gaiam Audio Mat retails for around £25 and can be purchased directly from Gaiam

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