Make sweet, sweet music with an amplified headboard

This technology filled ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard comes with built-in speakers so you can now have Barry White gently serenading you from your headboard while you make your own *errrrrrrr* sweet music?! The headboard is an innovative design incorporating a unique, built-in speaker system which is neatly hidden in the foam of the headboard so there is no cable spaghetti in sight!

It can be connected to any MP3 player or radio device so you can listen to music in bed or simply connect to the the TV for a surround sound experience. What’s more no batteries are required – the headboard cleverly gets all the power it needs from the mains.

The headboard is not only for playtime, but can also provide welcome relief for restless sleepers, insomniacs and tinnitus sufferers. Numerous research studies have shown the effectiveness of background noise in helping sufferers gain a good night’s sleep.

The ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard is available from around £100 and colours come in beige, black or white.

For more information check out


• The headboard is available in Kingsize, Double and Single
• The headboard connects to a music source such as MP3 players, CD players; it is compatible with most radios, televisions and games consoles
• No batteries required; powered from the connected device
• Material: faux leather
• Colours: beige, black or white
• Headboards are available from:;

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Sport Chic: CyFi wireless sports speaker

The CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker lets you take your tunes with you – whether you’re cycling, boating, camping or any other activity you’re into. It so easy to use, just plug the audio transmitter into your iPod/iPhone and turn the speaker on.  Control the volume and select tracks on the speaker itself rather than having the hassle of fumbling around in your pockets to get your iPod out. You can even fix it to you bike handlebars when you’re out and about as it’s super portable and  weighs less than 4 ounces! A full 2 hour charge wll give you over 6 hours of battery and it’s compatible with all iPhone, iTouch and iPod models except Shuffle and Mini.

Size 12.2 x 10. 2.9 cm

Price £99.99

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Headfunk ‘sidekick’ speaker bags for iPod and MP3


The Sidekick is a cute, durable, stereo speaker and storage bag in a range of camo colours, very handy. They deliver great stereo sound, are lightweight and perfect for all iPod’s, Mp3 Players and Music Phones. Once connected with the 3.5mm jack cable and with the case zipped shut, the hardware is fully protected by the tough camo outer and the inner EVA lining. A secure metal Karabiner clip lets users attach the Sidekick to a bag or belt.


Three 3 camo colours
– Blue Ocean camo
– Green Woodland
– Pink Terrain


– tough protective speaker bag
– buit-in amplifier and stereo metal-cone speakers
– perfect for all iPod’s, Mp3 Players and Music Phones
– great value and a perfect Christmas present

Price £24.99 available online at

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Olympus digital voice recorder and MP3 player in one

I know voice recorders don’t always scream glamour but sometimes they can be really useful. Whether it’s in meetings, interviews or if you’re feeling a teeeny bit lazy in a lecture, they’re a good way of capturing all the details with minimal effort.

This new digital voice recorder also doubles up as a handy MP3 player.  It has 4GB of memory so can store over 1,000 hours of recordings, or the equivalent of around 1,000 music tracks. With a built-in USB connector, it is simple to transfer files to your computer, making it ideal for students, journalists and business workers alike.

Price £129.99


 · Built-in retractable Hi-Speed USB connection
· Mass storage device for data files (voice files, music, images and data)
· High-quality WMA/MP3/WAV formats music playback
· 6 recording qualities for voice files (Stereo XQ, Stereo HQ, Stereo SP, HQ, SP, LP)
· Large, backlit, multi-language LCD display
· Menu-driven interface with five folders for file management and up to 200 files per folder
· Up to 128 music folders
· Variable speed playback
· Voice filter, low cut filter, noise filter
· DRM9 compatible
· Integrated loudspeaker
· Batteries rechargeable via USB
· Lightweight (46g) and pocket size (94.8 x 38 x 11mm

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Teeny weeny HD pocket camcorder


This teeny weeny, high definition camcorder made by Veho is ultra-functional whilst the inclusion of 8 x digital zoom, stabilisation and motion detection features are really useful for those trickier shots.

You can also take stills, as well as storing your favourite tunes as it can be used as an MP3 player. Simply connect the camera via USB to your computer and watch it back or copy to DVD and share the fun with everyone else.

Charges via USB and has an internal memory of 64MB with the option of inserting an SD memory card for extra storage. This is a nifty little camcorder and a great stocking filler with Chrissy approaching.

Price £99.99

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