Gadget of the Week: ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’


With most of us heading off on our summer hols *yay*,  getting comfortable while travelling and listening to music has just become easier with the Sound Asleep Travel Pillow.

It has an innovative design incorporating two speakers; is soft and squidgey, super comfy and the speakers are undetectable and unnoticeable to the touch. You may be asking – does it disturb other passengers? But cleverly it doesn’t, and the sound is just for the lucky person with the pillow.

You just simply connect to your MP3 player ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’. No headphones to worry about, it’s also great for kids who find headphones too big to wear.

Batteries are not required – the travel pillow gets all the power it needs from the connected device. And, as it’s fully portable, the handbag-sized travel pillow can be easily thrown into your beach bag for use on your sun lounger, by the pool or packed into your hand luggage for use on business trips.

The Sound Asleep Travel Pillow is ergonomically designed to gently sit around the curve of your neck and support your head. Made from high quality soft materials with a seamless finish and filled with polystyrene beads, the plush cushion keeps its shape and is soft next to the skin – perfect for a good old snooze on a long-haul flight.

Price is £15 and is available in black with a green trim.

Check out for more details.

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Make sweet, sweet music with an amplified headboard

This technology filled ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard comes with built-in speakers so you can now have Barry White gently serenading you from your headboard while you make your own *errrrrrrr* sweet music?! The headboard is an innovative design incorporating a unique, built-in speaker system which is neatly hidden in the foam of the headboard so there is no cable spaghetti in sight!

It can be connected to any MP3 player or radio device so you can listen to music in bed or simply connect to the the TV for a surround sound experience. What’s more no batteries are required – the headboard cleverly gets all the power it needs from the mains.

The headboard is not only for playtime, but can also provide welcome relief for restless sleepers, insomniacs and tinnitus sufferers. Numerous research studies have shown the effectiveness of background noise in helping sufferers gain a good night’s sleep.

The ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard is available from around £100 and colours come in beige, black or white.

For more information check out


• The headboard is available in Kingsize, Double and Single
• The headboard connects to a music source such as MP3 players, CD players; it is compatible with most radios, televisions and games consoles
• No batteries required; powered from the connected device
• Material: faux leather
• Colours: beige, black or white
• Headboards are available from:;

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Urbanears Plattan headphones to style up your look

These sleek chic headphones are not just any ordinary headphones. Uniquely designed by the Scandinavians, they are state of the art. They are full size offering great sound, and are not only just for listening to music. They come with a remote and a microphone compatible with most devices including iPhones, iPods, notebooks, steroes and Nokia even gets a look in.  Now you can listen to your music and just as easily talk to your friends on the phone without having to fumble around taking your headphones off!

They are fully collapsible and fold down to fit easily in your hand, allowing storage even in your pocket which is pretty cool for travelling. The Plattan also comes with the “Zound Plug”, a socket that allows your friends to connect to your headphones, so you can snuggle up and share your favourite tunes.

The headpiece is made from a single piece of fabric and looks like a cutesy alice band.  Style up your look in one of the fourteen different funky colors available – it even has a one year replacement warranty if, dare I say, they get squashed in your handbag!

Available around £50. For more details check out

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Wake up to summer with the new AlarmDock

Designed to fit onto any bedside table, the AlarmDock Reveal is a sleek and compact alarm clock radio. The AlarmDock Reveal’s universal dock will charge an iPod or iPhone while docked and comes complete with adapters to ensure a snug fit. As well as stereo quality sound, the product also includes a dimmable LCD display, an FM radio with 5 programmable preset stations and two alarms that can each be set to wake up users to radio, an iPod / iPhone or buzzer. A line-in port is also available for connecting the AlarmDock Reveal to other music players. With summer bringing brighter mornings, the AlarmDock Reveal can make it even easier to get an early start and at £49.99 it’s a bargain at half the price. Only one thing, I think it would look better in white!


· FM radio with 5 programmable preset stations

· Universal dock for iPod / iPhone

· Charges iPod / iPhone when docked

· 2 programmable alarms – wake up to radio, your iPod / iPhone or buzzer

· Dimmable LCD display

· Line-in port for use with other music players

The AlarmDock Reveal will be available in leading retailers across Europe or from from June. For more details, please visit or get in touch on the contact details below.

 Price £49.99

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Easy viewing with the streetparty revolve rotating speaker dock

TheStreetParty Revolve a portable speaker for iPod and iPhone with a rotating dock allows users to enjoy both music and movies with powerful stereo sound. The speaker itself expands and retracts to fit perfectly around the player in whichever position, keeping it nice and snug.

It can be powered by batteries or mains and easily portable you can share music and movies wherever you go. It also charges while you are listening to your choonz or chilling out with a movie.

Price £59.99. For more details, please visit



  • Rotating dock for watching movies landscape
  • Powered by AA batteries or mains
  • Line in port for use with other music players
  • Big sound, small speaker
  • Charges iPod / iPhone when docked


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