Dear Girl Geek: I’m looking for a laptop that I can use with my grandaughter

Dear Girl Geek

I am interested in getting a laptop for me and my granddaughter to share. Something quite small and manageable. I have seen an Asus 7″ Eeepc in a magazine with 512MB and 8GB flash (whatever that means!) do you think this would be suitable? If not can you please suggest something that would.



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Dear Girl Geek: Which is the best netbook for my daughter?

Dear Girl Geek

Please can you give me some advice about netbooks. My daughter is ten and is always nicking my laptop. I thought I might buy her a netbook for xmas. She loves going on sites like stardoll. I know she would want a pink one, and yes I know it is poor to base decisions on colour, but she is a proper girl and that would definitely score 50% of the points with her. I don’t want to spend a massive amount of cash on it as she will probably treat it badly. There seem to be a lot of them out there but for her she just needs to be able to access a full screen of a website and perhaps msn and she also uses it sometimes for her homework research. The reviews don’t seem to focus on these points

many thanks


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LaCie unveils stylish sleeves for compact netbooks

The LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa come in five colours and offer a stylish way to protect your fave netbook. Made with a double layer of neoprene and soft inside lining, it protects your laptop from spills and scratches. The LaCie Coat includes an inside zippered pocket, allowing you to store a power supply and accessories.

The LaCie ForMoa case has handles that you can use or tuck away – giving you the option to carry your laptop with you or use the ForMoa as a sleeve.It also includes three handy pockets for your power supply, accessories, and paperwork.

They come in a variety of colours ( red, blue, pink, orange and black) as well as sizes including a 10.2″, 13″, 15” and 17”.

Price £15.99, for more details check out

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Sony Vaio P series: celebrity challenge

As part of the new VAIO Traveller programme, Sony has set a challenge for celebrities across Europe to test the abilities of its new VAIO P-series, the ultra-portable PC that boasts technology to keep you connected anywhere, anytime.

Throughout March and April, VAIO Travellers and their activities will be featured on the VAIO P-Series website, where you can see exclusive content from the designer William Tempest himself, including his exclusively designed clutch bag for the VAIO P:

Check out behind the scenes at William Tempest at London Fasion Week

Vaio Travellers Photostream:

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