Five top phone releases for Autumn 2011

There are always new mobile phones emerging on the market and the autumn release window is looking pretty exciting this year because a fifth iPhone is promised. Here are five other recently rumoured handsets that might pique your interest ahead of the Christmas rush.

BlackBerry Curve 9360

 Appealing to the budget-conscious buyer, the Curve 9360 will pick up from where its predecessors left off, providing a compact, slim smartphone with great email and messaging credentials. With BB OS 7 onboard it will be geared towards social networking to a greater degree than previous BlackBerry handsets and as contract phones go this should be an affordable option.

Nokia 700

 Nokia has proved that the Symbian operating system is not as dead and buried as many had assumed with the speculation circulating around its new 700 smartphone. Running Symbian Belle, the latest augmentation to this ageing platform, the 700 will reportedly have a 3.2 inch OLED screen, a 1GHz processor and an interesting, elongated design which helps it to stand out from the other contract phones on the market at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy M Pro

 An alteration in the naming strategy for the Galaxy range has seen Samsung announce the M Pro, a mid-range Android 2.3 smartphone with its eye firmly on the business and enterprise market. Like the Curve 9360 it has a full physical QWERTY keypad and a modest display, although it is actually thinner than the BlackBerry rival, measuring just under a centimetre thick. A five megapixel primary camera, 1GHz processor and custom TouchWiz interface will make sure that the Galaxy M Pro is competitive despite its inevitably affordable price point.

Google Nexus Prime

 Details about this handset are thin on the ground, but it is likely to be manufactured by Samsung and feature a range of class-leading hardware features to make even Apple quake in its boots. Recent rumours suggest that it could have a 4.65 inch Super AMOLED Plus display with a native resolution of 1280×720. A dual core processor is a certainty, with clock speeds of up to 1.5GHz per core implied via industry insiders. Google has already confirmed that a third Nexus-brand smartphone will be emerging and given that the Nexus S was built in partnership with Samsung it would make sense for it to continue using this manufacturer in the future.

HTC WP7 Mango

 HTC has been working on a new batch of contract phones designed to run the Mango update for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform and an early September launch is anticipated to coincide with the software’s release. Specifications are still hazy at this point but it would not be a surprise to see dual core processors, full HD video capture and larger displays put on the table by this Taiwanese firm in an attempt to win over more users to WP7.

For more details on any of these handsets go to

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New Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-804 is teeny weeny

 Nokia revealed today its smallest bluetooth headset to date the BH-804. It  combines cutting-edge technology with a genuine aluminum case, slim lines and a compact size making it a stylish accessory to any mobile device. It also has some decent audio features including digital signal processing (DSP) for background noise cancellation. 

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-804 has two user-friendly buttons making managing basic call functions and volume level easy. It comes with a desk-top charger and neck strap for convenient carrying (bet that looks good – not !!)
The headset is compatible with phones supporting Bluetooth wireless technology and is expected to launch in select markets in the fourth quarter of 2008.
For further details and tech spec check out ->
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Xpress Yourself – New Nokia Supernova


  Fancy being a champagne supernova?  Well, check out these four new Nokia devices from the new Supernova range launched later on this year.

They feature stylish exchangeable Xpress-On covers that come in striking colours and glamourous surfaces for the 7610, 7510, 7310, 7210 handsets.

The covers come in the following colours:

  • 7610 -steel blue, red, bright lilac
  • 7510 – storm blue, red, emerald green and espresso brown
  • 7310 – steel blue, wasabi green, candy pink plus 3D textured designs
  • 7210 – bubble gum pink, vivid blue plus gloss finish

Available later on this year, prices vary between 125 – 225 Euros 

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Portable Solar Charger Perfect for Festivals

Running out of battery on my phone, iPod or Tom Tom is really annoying whether at home or abroad, but now help is at hand.

With green being the new black the new freeloader portable solar charger means you can power your gadgets without plugging them in so you can tick the box of helping the planet!!

How does it work? well, open up this slim device ,point it at the sun and within around 5-10 hours you have a fully charged device that can power an iPod for up to 18 hours, a PSP for up to 2.5 hours and a mobile phone for up to 44 hours! (neat!)

But I hear you say what with the great British Summer how will I ever charge it. Well don’t worry you can also charge it via a USB cable which will take 3-4 hours.

Once charged the battery will then hold its charge for up to 3 months. Tough, stylish and impact resistant this little thing is also very compact, only 12 cm long, 6 wide 1.5 deep plus it comes with adaptors to charge the following gizmos:

  • LG Chocolate series phones,
  • 2 adaptors for Nokia mobiles,
  • 2 adaptors for Samsung mobiles,
  • Sony Ericsson mobiles;
  • 4mm straight jack plug for PSP, Tom Tom sat nav, digital cameras etc;
  • Mini USB adaptor for Motorola RAZR, Blackberrys etc;
  • a USB 2.0 female socket for MP3 players and PDA’s;
  • an iPod adaptor;
  • an adaptor for Nintendo DS Lite.

If you want in pink then no problem but I think I prefer the grey and it costs around £29.99.

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