Vegas Diary – Day 1 – CES Unveiled

Nothing can quite prepare you for Las Vegas. The sheer size of the place, the all day gambling, the Lycra – it’s completely bonkers. Sin City is to be my home for the next five days so to get into character I’m writing this post from my hotel room in a floor length ballgown surrounded by poker chips (sort of).

Today I attended the pre-CES event called CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. CES Unveiled is the official media event showcasing nearly 100 exhibitors from around the world, including CES Innovation Award winners. Key trends from Unveiled included curved smartphones, fitness technology, sound systems and smartphone accessories.

LG’s forthcoming LG G Flex was on display. LG informed us that the G Flex is the world’s first flexible, curved phone and will sport a self-healing back – ideal for those of us who scuff our phones on a regular basis. The launch date and price tag are still to be confirmed but I feel quite sure that this won’t be the last curved phone I see in Las Vegas. Curves are in!

LG G Flex

Fashion and function met in a very stylish way on the Boostcase stand. The firm’s power boosting cases, available in Selfridges and Harrods, incorporate battery packs for the iPhone with stylish designs and additional features such as pouches for your lippy and cash.


In the fitness realm Fitbug, the movement and sleep tracker, unveiled KiK. KiK works in association with the new Fitbug Orb to essentially become your own digital coach. KiK offers a series of 12 week plans with titles such as No More Baby Belly, Diabetes and Salsa to Fitness, that you load onto your smart device via USB and subsequently provides you with video tutorials, goal setting, monitoring and expert advice.

Other eye-catching innovations spotted at CES Unveiled included the brand new Zepp – a small device that attaches to your tennis racquet or golf club and then tracks and plays back your swings allowing you to analyse and improve your game. For those conscious of the impact of UV on the skin – France’s latest beauty device ‘June’ is a bracelet that monitors how much UV you are exposed to and offers advice on how to limit the signs of ageing with recommended sun protection factors.

This was only a taster of the tech mecca that is to follow over the subsequent days and the array of gadgets to come, like everything else in Las Vegas, is going to be huge!

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Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone

Combining modern technology with the classic looks of a vintage design the Sixty manages to look high-tech and timeless all at once. 

Displaying the time when not in use, the full touchscreen LCD lets you easilyaccess your phone book, messages, and phone settings. What’s more, it’ll flash up the caller ID when a call comes in. The hands-free mode is easy to use and you can enjoy up to 10 hours of talk time chatting away on the lightweight handset. The phone book can store up to 150 names and the answering machine will hold up to 20 minutes of messages.  The best bit – when you dial the numbers it makes a dialling noise like the orignal old school version of the phone. Love it!

Bringing a designer feel to the art of conversation, this funky phone fuses modern technology with statement design and is available in orange and black.

Price £99

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OUTLIMITS, the mobile that’s ready for anything!

OUTLIMITS, the latest development in reliable tough phones. Known already as a market leader on the continent, ITTM is launching this robust range in response to consumer demand for a tough phone that can really last. Designed with an extensive list of features, the dual sim aspect plus a very reasonable make this phone even more appealing.

The OUTLIMITS phone is perfect for people who experience extreme situations, whether it is at work or at play. From builders to boarders, this phone has been tested under the most challenging of conditions…and survived. Sales of the phone on the continent have also proven that the phone is exceptionally reliable.

The OUTLIMITS range has excellent waterproofing (IP57), which will protect the phone in water up to 1 metre deep for up to 30 minutes, as well as a case which will protect it if dropped, scratched or placed under pressure…it can survive life better than most!

You can say goodbye to background noise too, which can hamper conversation. The phone is designed to eliminate background noise whether it is wind, water, traffic or even interference from the noisiest of work places, including building sites.

The reliable OUTLIMITS range also has a unique security function, aimed at active and busy people who spend time in more rugged terrains or high-risk environments. The SOS system activates automatically if the G-Sensor senses the phone has been dropped or if the SOS button is pressed and this will call a specified contact as an emergency.

The dual sim also brings numerous benefits including:

  • Separate your personal and business calls easily
  • Increase your chances of good reception
  • Use only one phone when you travel abroad for business or pleasure

OUTLIMITS will survive the most extreme situations with you, whether in urban life or in the wild.

Price £159 (excl VAT)


OUT LIMITS – DSS – available in orange or petrol

Network GSM GPRS900/1800 MHZ DUAL BAND

Dimensions 120 x 60 x 20 mm

Weight (including battery) 115 gr.

Talk time 5 hrs.

Standby 300 hrs.

Battery 900 mAh

– Completely waterproof: IP57 rating ( = 1 m deep for max 30 min.)

– Anti-shock (2 meter drop, 100Kg press)

– Dual SIM

– SOS feature: automatic SOS is activated following a fall thanks to G-Sensor

– SOS quick 1 dial emergency key

– Integrated high power torch

– Large keys that can be used with gloves

– Bluetooth

– Microphone with special background noise elimination

– Handsfree handling

– MMS and GPRS

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