Vegas Diary – Day 3 – Back to the Future


CES opened its doors today and the tech fest officially opened. A notable trend at this year’s CES was the coming together of retro and high tech. Polaroid unveiled its Socialmatic today – the touchscreen, 14MP camera that instantly prints your images like the retro Polaroid and also uses Android to connect to your favourite Apps and share your photos. The perfect blend of the old and the new from www.polaroid.com


Fujifilm launched an addition to its Instax range at CES, unveiling the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. The instant camera looks gorgeous with its classic camera looks but is also packed with some great photographic features – bulb and double exposures, macro mode and high performance flash. Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic will shortly be retailing for around $199 www.fujifilm.com


Audio firm Ion showcased its stylish Archive LP Digital Conversion Turntable with Speakers at CES. Its retro look belies the clever technology packed into this product. The natural wood, all in one turntable converts your records into digital files on your computer ready to take on the go on your portable media device. Thanks to in-built stereo speakers you can play your favourite tracks in an instant. Alternatively you can connect it to your home stereo using the RCA outputs www.ionaudio.com


Soundfreaq has really been making an impact here at CES. Last month the firm launched the retro looking Sound Spot ($69.99) – jammed full of great technology and audio capability. The small, square, wireless speaker range can be moved around your home to create some seriously sizeable audio. Working with Bluetooth and an internal rechargeable battery this is one highly functional and great looking home speaker system www.soundfreaq.com

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Switched on Gifts for Tricky Teens

Teens can sometimes be tricky to buy for as you’re never quite sure what’s hot and what’s not. Check out John Lewis’ guide to getting some great pressies for your dahhhling teenagers.

Polaroid 300 Camera in Black – £79.95

This is a great gift especially if your kids are already playing Assasin a la Gossip Girl stylee. It has an automatic flash, four scene settings and just makes a nice change to get an instant classic photo – for once.  Perfect for parties and out and about too as it’s a whole lot less cumbersome than the old skool one!

Sony MHS-PM5K Bloggie HD Mobile Camcorder – £169

This pocket camcorder is super easy to use and shoots in HD and is SO simple to upload to YouTube with its built in USB arm.  The high quality lens can swivel over a 270 degree range for easy shooting from any angle including self-portraits. I’ve reviewed this on BBC2 Something for the Weekend and it’s fab!


XBOX 360 with Built in Wi-Fi and Kinect – £TBC

This new XBOX 360 will be at the top of any game loving teenagers wish list. With a sleek new design , 250 GB hard drive and built in Wi-Fi it delivers the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience. With built in Kinect, users will be able to play games without the need for a controller thanks to sensors and specially designed games.

Paul Frank Earbuds Ink’d Pink – £19.95

These fun looking quirky in ear headphones are great value for money and deliver great sound too.

Paul Frank Zoom Julius iPhone Case – £ 24.95

This funky Paul Frank case is made from durable rubber to keep your shiny iPhone looking lovely and new.

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Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera

Yehhh, finally a digital camera that prints instant foties to replace the original old skool polaroid camera from back in the day. The new Polaroid Pogo is a 5.0 mega pixel camera and prints 2″ x 3″ fotos on sticky back paper. You can also crop your pics before printing, add borders, remove red eye and print dates. The whole process takes about 40 secs so not much waiting around if you want some instant fun.

Other specs include 4x digital zoom, an electronic timer, movie mode with sound, SD memory card slot, USB PC hook-up and various shooting modes. It prints only 15 fotos per full battery charge so you gotta be selective about what your snapping if you’ve not got easy access to a charger.

It comes complete with 10 sheets of Zink photo paper, replacement packs will set you back £7.95 for 30 sheets and £17.95 for 70 sheets.

The new Polaroid PoGo instant digital camera goes on sale at www.firebox.com  on 11 May for £229.95.

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Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera

Remember the old, mahoosive instant Polaroid cameras from back in the day? oh yeh, aye aye. Well, Polaroid is launching an up to date, slick digital version – the PoGo Instant Digital camera/printer combo.  

You can view, crop and even add borders then print your pictures in less than 60 seconds on 2×3-inch, peel-off, sticky-backed paper. The camera easily connects to a PC or Mac where photos can be uploaded and saved from the camera’s 16 MB internal memory or optional SD card. It measures 4.7-inches wide by 3-inches tall and weighs only 10 ounces. Pretty nifty.

It’s going to be available the beginning of March for around £130 and don’t forget you will also need packs of ZINK Photo Paper too (around £8 for 30 sheets). Good fun tho’.

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PoGo instant photo printer

How many times have you been out partying, taken photos on your phone that you’d *reeeeally* like to print but it all seems just so much hassle to get round to printing them ?  I know, we’ve all been there so when i saw this PoGo printer I thought woohoo a simple, easy solution to phone printing!

This is a sleek looking, inkless portable Polaroid printer – I know, I know that all makes us think of the mahoosive back in the day instant cameras (and those other photos that polaroid reminds us of…stop it…) but this is just as easy to print your photos as it was way back when.

So how does it work?  You send your pixs via Bluetooth or USB cable and then you get your 2″x 3″ prints on sticky back paper so you can stick you snaps everywhere – so to speak. Very cool.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery or can be connected directly to the mains, the PoGo holds 10 sheets of Zink paper at a time – more than enough for a night of sticky piccy fun. 

RRP £99.95.


  • width 7.2 cm
  • depth 12 cm
  • height 2.4 cm
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