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Home Cinema Popcorn Maker

This is the Home Cinema Popcorn Maker I showed on BBC2 Something for the Weekend  yesterday. It’s perfect for movie nights in and really does make delicious tasting popcorn!

JM Posner’s Home Cinema Popcorn Kit is a great solution for any film enthusiast who wants the cinema experience at home. The 2.5 oz retro looking Popcorn Maker produces hot and fluffy popcorn in minutes with no fuss, using the same technology as in your local multiplex. Simply load the device with the included kernels and set it popping. There are no messy ingredients involved, and tidying up is easy! When you’ve popped enough corn for everyone, shake on either the seasonings (which you choose when you order the kit) and serve in the classic popcorn boxes.

The kit includes a 2.5 oz Popcorn Maker with removable serving dish, 2 Popping Corn resealable pouches, 2 bottles of Popcorn seasoning, 25 Popcorn boxes and a Recipe book. You can choose which two seasonings you would like from a choice of: caramel, chocolate marshmallow, butter, BBQ, Nacho cheddar, sour cream and onion.

Available at Firebox

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