Boombox Freeview DVD Projector

The Boombox Freeview DVD Projector is exactly what it says it is, a combination of CD/DVD player, with a projector and a Freeview tuner all in one.

This portable all-in-one cinema/entertainment device makes it possible to display up to a 75-inch display on any wall, ceiling or other flat surfaces, under dimmed light is obviously the best way to view the picture. Its flip open LED-powered projector can be used to watch your favourite DVD films, or live TV channels using its in-built freeview tuner.

There is also a card slot for an SD card and one for a USB device to watch videos and view photos.

And finally, the unit can play CDs, tune into FM radio and amplify your chosen mp3 player.

The Boombox could be the perfect item for any party, from screening rom-com for a girl’s night in, to even watching the upcoming World Cup matches for the boys.

The Boombox Freeview DVD Projector is available online now for around £330.

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Need to give high impact presentations? Logitech to the rescue

Logitech have introduced two options to help you make a big impact during your next presentation – the Logitech® Professional Presenter R800 and the Logitech® Wireless Presenter R400. With laser pointing, wireless convenience and intuitive slideshow controls you can move freely around the room, so that you focus on delivering a more effective and powerful presentation.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800

The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 has an easy-to-set timer with silent, vibrating alerts. The timer, displayed on a 1-by-1/2-inch LCD, is large enough to see with a quick glance – and vibrates when you have five, two and zero minutes left to present. Once the timer hits zero, it begins counting upward for up to sixty minutes so you can see how far you’ve exceeded your time limit.

When you’re moving around the room to engage your audience, at a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters), a reception-level indicator on the LCD keeps you from wandering too far. And, with a brilliant green laser pointer it’s easy to direct your audience’s attention to specific information from across the room – even on flat panel displays and in bright rooms.

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is designed to help you make your point in a smaller meeting. The Wireless Presenter R400 provides a red laser pointer that is easy to see against most backgrounds. A battery power indicator ensures you always have the power you need to finish your presentation, while a range of up to 50 feet (15 meters) lets you move around the room freely. It also has a simple, compact design which is portable and easy to use. Both presenters are plug an play.

Price for R800 £69.99 and R400 £44.99 available from September. For further details check out

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My BBC2 ‘Something for the Weekend’ Gadgets

Here are my gagdets from the show yesterday, I have to say I was bricking it slightly as none of the gadgets acutally worked in rehearsal!! Having said that, they all seemed to work in the end so it all turned out ok, oh the joys of live tv…

The Pocket Pint

Lovejoy’s fave gadget this week was the Pocket Pint. An expandable plastic glass, with all the telescopic prowess of, err, a telescope, it simply pops out on demand, to hold up to a pint of fabulously foreign drinking fluid, in a simply marvellous imperial measure.

Fitting easily into one’s briefcase, rucksack or manbag, the cup comes in a protective sheath that helps stop all manner of stickiness.

Price £5

The Terror Wasp

OMG I really didnt like this one, it just had a mind of it’s own in the studio and kept flying off when it wasnt even on!! Spooky! Lovejoy did a great job though of flying it so well done him, I just don’t get flying toys!

This Wasp is the next generation of RC Flying Toys following the first generation single rotor mini heli’s. The great thing about this new design is it uses a twin rotor, which gives it much better stability – you can actually control it left and right and trim it accurately using a wheel.

Rotor blades are made from a new flexible material, which bends on impact – no matter how many times you crash it all the impacts are absorbed by the materials.

Fly in a small space – twin rotor blades give it better balance enabling it to hover in a single place without wondering uncontrollably.

Price around £25

Football Remote Control

Lovejoy didn’t really see the point of this one, but I think it would be a great pressie for kids who are football mad. It’s a universal remote control  that not only allows you to watch the footy but also lets you practice headers during half time.

Oh yes – a kickable, flick-able remote control that replaces your TV, VCR and DVD’s remote. With easy to use touch buttons set amongst the black and white design the Football Remote Control is an essential for any lover of the beautiful game. 

Price £20

BenQ GP1 Mini Projector

Finally the BenQ Joybee GP1 Mini Projector is a palm sized pocket projector designed to keep you entertained wherever you are!. All you have to do is plug in your personal media device to turn downloaded movies, phots and even music videos into great big fun!

The mini projector is LED-lit to deliver stunning images up to 80″ in size! It also comes with an integrated 2W speaker to further enrich your audiovisual enjoyment. So have a seat, relax, and enjoy! With the BenQ Joybee GP1 Mini Projector, things are certainly looking’ great!

Weighing in at a lightweight 640g (1.4Ib), the GP1 is compatible with mass storage devices such as digital cameras, personal multimedia players, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, and Smartphones – making it a perfect, portable all round entertainment device for the modern, tech-savvy, digital-media-on-demand consumer.

Ideal for the business market, travelling business professionals can use the GP1 and USB reader for corporate videos, jpeg-format presentations, job interviews, or any spur-of-the-moment projection in the lounge, coffee shop, or even the smallest meeting room. Because the GP1 is plug-and-play effortless and does not require a PC, its simplicity makes it a perfect display device for older consumers unfamiliar with today’s technology.

Priced around £500

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