Vegas Diary – Day 3 – Back to the Future


CES opened its doors today and the tech fest officially opened. A notable trend at this year’s CES was the coming together of retro and high tech. Polaroid unveiled its Socialmatic today – the touchscreen, 14MP camera that instantly prints your images like the retro Polaroid and also uses Android to connect to your favourite Apps and share your photos. The perfect blend of the old and the new from


Fujifilm launched an addition to its Instax range at CES, unveiling the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. The instant camera looks gorgeous with its classic camera looks but is also packed with some great photographic features – bulb and double exposures, macro mode and high performance flash. Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic will shortly be retailing for around $199


Audio firm Ion showcased its stylish Archive LP Digital Conversion Turntable with Speakers at CES. Its retro look belies the clever technology packed into this product. The natural wood, all in one turntable converts your records into digital files on your computer ready to take on the go on your portable media device. Thanks to in-built stereo speakers you can play your favourite tracks in an instant. Alternatively you can connect it to your home stereo using the RCA outputs


Soundfreaq has really been making an impact here at CES. Last month the firm launched the retro looking Sound Spot ($69.99) – jammed full of great technology and audio capability. The small, square, wireless speaker range can be moved around your home to create some seriously sizeable audio. Working with Bluetooth and an internal rechargeable battery this is one highly functional and great looking home speaker system

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Roberts Revival Cath Kidston DAB Radio: Limited Edition

Loving this limited edition Cath Kidstion DAB Radio, I got to review it on Something for the Weekend on Sunday and it’s so gorgeous!

It’s a style classic, whose design hasn’t changed since the 1950s. Now in their latest collaboration with Cath Kidston, Roberts have released the limited edition ‘Provence’ pattern,  which is guaranteed to add a splash of colour to any home. Covered in Cath Kidston’s latest variation on her signature oilcloth, the Revival is accented with gold-plated hardware and finished with a useful matching carry handle.

While the design of the iconic radio hasn’t changed, the gadgetry inside certainly has. Inside the case is the latest DAB technology in addition to an FM radio, bringing you a great choice of radio stations. And if you get bored of the radio, you can plug your MP3 player or smartphone into the device too, allowing you to access your entire music collection with ease.

The Roberts Revival combines retro features with modern conveniences, which give the user the best of both worlds. You can tune and adjust the volume using old-school rotary dials, while viewing the different stations on the 16×2 character LCD digital display. It has a 3.5 mm headphone socket, autotune feature and one touch instant access to your preset favourite station.

For portability, you can plug the radio into the mains or use batteries (4 x D size) if you want to use it while out and about. It is highly efficient, offering up to 120 hours battery life.

Price £200

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Retro revival with the original slush mug

Do you remember the original Slush Mug? No, neither do we. And that’s odd because we’ love our retro gadgets at girlgeekchic towers. But who cares, because this simple but ludicrously effective vessel is back, and it still makes delicious slushies without all that mechanised churning malarkey.

All you do is freeze the mug’s liner (or Glaciercore), return it to the mug and pour in your favourite drink. Give it a stir and before you can sing ‘you’re as cold as ice’ (well, about 5 minutes) you’ll be enjoying the tingly texture of a perfectly mixed slushie.

Pour in whatever sugary fruity/fizzy drinks you fancy, from cola and root beer to lemonade and squash. The possibilities are endless, especially if you start mixing things up a bit. Try a Yellow Howler (lemon, lime and pineapple); or how about a Smoothie Cappuccino (coffee, milk and sugar). You can even use this idiot-proof gizmo to create slushies with additional alcoholic oomph. Frozen margaritas in a flash? Yes please! Just not the blue slush puppies as they used to make your tongue go bright blue!

Available from Price £9.99

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You spin me right round baby…360 degrees!

The brand new Lomography 360 Spinner is a retro camera that literally spins 360 degrees, resulting in a complete panoramic shot of your surroundings. It is a charmingly low tech, analogue camera, making it simple to use and easy to understand and it uses…… 35 mm film *WTF* I haven’t seen a snappy snaps film for a long time! Just load the film into the camera, hold it at your chosen angle, pull the ring pull and release. The head of the camera will spin 360 degrees and that’s it, photo taken, job is a good’un.

On a 36-exposure film your Lomography camera will take up to eight 360o panoramic shots. Developing couldn’t be easier; as when a film is processed the whole film is developed in one straight line, so just pop ask your photo guy to give you the film back to you uncut – then you can cut the film wherever you want and leaving you with eight funky snaps. How cool!

The Lomography 360o Spinner is available now from priced £99.99.

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Retro webcam is glam

Now I think this is just so funny. Given how we are always wanting the latest in technology I think adding a bit of retro glamour to your workspace is actually quite refreshing. Ok, so it requires a usb port so not that *retro* but  it’s got a decent quality lens, 24 bit RGB colour and a built in microphone so will actually do the job ok. Luvin the classic tripod too.

Available online for £14.99


  • size: 12x6x3.5cm
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