Love Chic: Intelligence is sexy…

Stuck for Valentine’s day ideas, then check out this ‘discreet’ USB gadget for all you laydeez out there. Perfectly designed to fit in your handbag – if only you could store data on it too then it would have everything covered!

The Lelo Mia is a Swedish-made rechargeable lipstick vibrator with 4 powerful stimulation modes. It’s designed to give up to 4 hours of intense pleasure between charges (yikes!) – and best of all it’s USB compatible so you can simply charge it on a computer. Not sure how that would look though if someone popped in for a cuppa and your vibe is charging next to your laptop!

Available on line for around £37

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Are gadgets bad for your sex life?

We all have SO many gadgets – even self confessed technophobes have at least one teeny, weeny mobile phone. But is having all sorts of gadgetry in the bedroom and (I’m not talking sex toys here) bad for our sex lives? So many of my friends have a TV *at least* in the bedroom which they will watch with their boyf or hubby before nodding off, and furthermore if the telly weren’t there would you be more inclined to get down and dirty? And how many of us are guilty of sending one last tweet or Blackberry IM from the comfort of our cosy beds hmmmm. 

Should we make our boudoirs a ‘gadget free’ zone (*shudder*) or does it make no difference at all?

Tweet us what you think @girlgeekchic and we may even send you a gadget of your very own to spice things up!

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Must have ‘sex position of the day’ App!

We all love Cosmo for keeping us *on top* of the best sexual position like the passion pretzel but now you can have all this sexy info at your fingetips with the new ‘Cosmopolitan Sex Position of the Day’ app. You get detailed instructions on how to perform each position, told how tricky it may be do to and last but not least some tasteful pics to show you how it’s done. I think whoever downloads this should then post their comments on, well, how good a position it was! You can get this app on either Android or your iPhone for $3.

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Blackberry bedside manners: sex, sleep of smartphone?


I find myself increasingly having this conversation with my fellow lovers of their crackberry – what are the rules for living with love and technology? I mean wouldn’t we all rather go to bed to have some fun than sending out one last tweet of the day to John Mayer? and how many people do you see supposedly having an intimate dinner, only to be interupted by the red flashing light of their Blackberry winking at them saying go on, ‘read me’.

Relationship counsellors have noticed that ” People feel they’re not being shown enough consideration, that they’re being excluded if their partner is spending a lot of time using phones for socialising, playing games or working.” It really does seem to be a phenomenon that is on the increase, emphasised by the fact that these devices are mobile so can be accessed antime, anyplace, anywhere.

So how many of you take your Blackberry, your iPhone even your laptop to bed? Is it sex, sleep or smartphone for you? I know which one I’d pick…

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