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Like Thumbs Cufflinks

Are you a Facebook addict? Do you secretly spend your time at work composing witty status updates hoping against hope someone will ‘Like’ them? Reclaim your life from the book of faces and get your social media hit in the real world, with Like Thumb Cufflinks. Facebook, the best thing since sliced bread? Or a thief of time? Either way chances are you have a profile. The ultimate accessory for any Facebook junkie!

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Nothing good happens online after 1am….or does it?

How many of you have tweeted when drunk and probably shouldn’t have done mmmmm… well, Webroot believes in protecting you in every aspect of your life and this even includes your social media. They have created the Social Media Sobriety Test. Put an end to the embarrassment that follows dodgey, late night posts that you may regret.

Check it out!

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Tech News: Facebook airline ticket anyone?

I know, I know, we are all nuts about social networking but would you *really* book your flight through Facebook?! Quite a few airlines are now using Twitter and Facebook offering special deals but now Delta is moving on up to the next level opening a social media ticket window on Facebook.

So my lovelies, how does it work? Well, any FB user can use the page to book an airline ticket on Delta without visiting its site and even better there are no extra costs involved for using this – users click on the “Book a Ticket” tab on Delta’s Facebook page. It looks pretty straightforward, you just enter the dates and locations to search for a flight. Bear in mind though these flights are limited to Delta so you can’t really shop around for the best deal like most of us do. Then again, if you’re a frequent flier with Delta this would be pretty useful to have when you’re out and about, on the go.

Personally I think it would be better to have something available on Facebook where you could book from multiple carriers, what do you reckon, anyone? anyone?

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