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My BBC2 ‘Something for the Weekend’ gadgets

Here are my gadgets from ‘Something for the Weekend’ yesterday. I was quite pleased the Sodastream didn’t explode all over me!! woo hoo!

Sony PS3

The Playstation 3 Slim has arrived and it’s much lighter, cooler and quieter, but more importantly, it’s greener and more energy efficient than its predecessor as it uses about a third less power.
The new PS3 Slim weighs in approximately two-thirds the size of the first PS3, but packs a hard drive of twice the original’s size; a large 120GB. Thanks to revamped internal architecture (with Cell Broadband EngineTM processor) the PS3 Slim runs cooler and quieter than the original PS3.
The new PS3 continues to offer the features and functions of the previous models, such as the ability to enjoy high-definition Blu-ray disc (BD) movies and games, the ability to use wireless controllers, as well as various content and services downloadable through the network etc. Also like the previous model, you can’t play PS2 games on the PS3, but PS3 games have far superior graphics anyway.
PlayStation Network members can also now download free applications, such as PlayStation Home, a ground-breaking 3D social gaming community available on PS3 that allows users to interact, communicate and share gaming experiences.
It was released on 1st Sept 2009 and is available in stores and online for £249 (games sold separately)

 Chill Pill Portable Speaker

The Chill Pill is a pocket sized, self-contained capsule that easily changes into two powered portable speakers. It’s designed for people who enjoy listening to music out loud but on the go.
They are compatible with most devices that have a standard 1/8″ headphone port, including iPods, and portable CD players, iPhone 3G (original iPhone with adapter), most other digital audio players, laptops and desktop computers.
Some of the features that make these speakers different to their competitors include;
• They have three different modes – ‘Travel mode’ whereby the speakers magnetically click together for easier transport, ‘Speaker Mode 1′ whereby the speakers are separated but kept closed and ‘Speaker Mode 2′ which allows you to twist and pop the speakers up to enhance the bass and volume
• They run on a rechargeable lithium ion battery which provides six hours of playing time (can be charged a computer’s USB port or via optional AC adapter)
• They have a sound output of 4 Watts, which is fairly loud for such a small speaker.
They are available in Red, Silver & Black; online and in select high street stores for around £40

Soda Stream Pure Drinks Maker

SodaStreams are no longer a cola-producing cream plastic 70’s designed piece of kitchenware. The modern PURE range is more sophisticated and incorporates stainless steel and brushed steel. The new Pure machine includes a 60 litre aluminium gas cylinder (that gives your drink its fizz) and two carbonating bottles, one of which has a steel base and lid.
The new SodaStream simple, sleek and easy to use. All you need is tap water to make a sparkling drink in seconds.
The emphasis of the new machines are to help families be more eco-friendly and help the environment by saving the need to store or dispose of cans and bottles.
Unlike the limited drinks selection that was available with the SodaStream of old, the new range has a wide range of ‘regular’ and ‘sugar-free’ flavours to choose from. The regular flavours have two thirds less sugar than standard “non diet” drinks and the sugar-free range still tastes like a normal fizzy drink but without the calories.

Regular Flavours include Orange and Mango, Cola, Apple, Lemon-Lime and Ginger Ale. Sugar free flavours include Cranberry & Rasberry, Orange, Cola and Lemonade but there’s no iconic cream soda.

SodaStream is available online and price vary between £59 – £79

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