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unmonday speaker

Unmonday has launched at CES today a  funky looking wireless, ceramic multi channel speaker. The patented hexagonal design represents six distinct settings. You can use either the right, left, rear-right, rear-left, or centre speaker as your primary, or, switch to mono mode, pretty neat stuff. The speaker has no hard set up process and no running wires, it simply streams audio from  your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac over Wi-Fi across one to five speakers. Looks sexy too.

Available online at Unmonday and in UK Apple stores soon,  price around £580.

Tech Spec

Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 21 x 21 cm

Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.7 x 8.3 x 8.3 in

Weight: 5.2 kg

Colours / Enclosure: White Vitro Porcelain

Colours / Canvas Grill: Snow White, 100% Recycled PES

Integrated Power Supply: 110 – 240 VAC input, 26 VDC output

Battery: Li-ion, 6S1P, 2600 mAh

Battery time: 8 hrs

Power Supply Housing: Plastic

Power Amplifier: Class D 20 W

Speaker Driver: 6” Full Range Speaker, MarkAudio Alpair Gold 10.3, Unmonday Edition

External Connections: 3.5 mm Line-input

Wireless Receiver: WiFi Apple AirPlay

Motion Sensor: 3 Axis


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Introducing The Aeroskull from Jarre Technologies

Jarre Technologies, founded by the musical ledge, Jean Michel Jarre has unveiled its latest speaker system, the Aeroskull.

The Aeroskull features two 15 Watt speakers hidden behind sunglasses with an impressive 40 Watt Sub Woofer covering the whole of the back of the skull as well as 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), to deliver an uncompromising listening experience.

Jean Michel Jarre first used the image of the skull in 1976 on the cover of his world renowned album, Oxygene which sold over 15 million copies. He says, “For me, the skull symbolises the perfect acoustic instrument – it is the sound box for word, song and music.” mmmm….very deep JM!

The Aeroskull is compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPods and a jack cable can also connect to any Mp3 player, computer or CD/DVD player. Bluetooth simplifies connection to any smartphone and the listening experience is optimised by the APTX codecs.

Available in 11 striking colours, there is a choice to suit every taste and interior. Pretty cool we think.

Price £349

Tech Spec

50Hz to 20kHz +3db

1×102mm (4,00in) bass
2×57mm (2,25in) satellite

Total Output Power: 70W RMS @ 1% Total Harmonic
Distorsion (120W RMS @ 10% THD).
Woofers 2 x 15W; subwoofer 1 x 40W

4.50 KGS

30-pin iPod connector
3.5mm mini jack

ABS Chrome plated or painted

APTX et A2DP codecs

IR remote control
11 colours

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Dear Girl Geek: iPhone travel speakers

Dear Girl Geek

Can you recommend travel speakers for my iphone, something powerful enough to fill the room with music but light enough to pack in my case and not too £££


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And for those who have everything…The first *ever* iPad bed

Check out the i-Con, the world’s first bed designed to work with your iPad. Not sure if it looks pretty funky or just a bit wrong! It has four fully enclosed speakers, a 250 watt amplifier and two docking stations for his and hers iPads, sweet. It’s made by Hollandia International and you can get it in over 200 colours so can tailor it to your room. We don’t have word on pricing yet but watch this space. Like it or lump it? I’m not sure about this one…

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Dear Girl Geek: I need some speakers

Dear Girl Geek

Hi. I want to buy my 14 year old daughter some ipod speakers for her birthday for up to 50GBP. Need to be compatible with ipod nano 4g, have great sound and be able to charge (which many don’t seem capable of with the ipod nano 4g). Any ideas please? Thanks


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