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Yoga Paws: ‘The Yoga Mat you Wear’

Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves that you wear on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo ‘The Yoga Mat You Wear.’

They also work with a yoga mat too, keeping you secure in every yoga pose. They are made with a yoga towel liner that absorbs seven times its weight in moisture so still work even if you break into a sweat!

Available around £29.99 on

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Fitness at your fingertips with ThinQ fitness app

Have you ever wanted a one-to-one yoga class outdoors instead of sharing a stuffy room in a gym or having to watch a DVD at home? Maybe you would just like to learn to dance, take up martial arts, or squeeze in some cardio training, in your own time, wherever you choose?

Online fitness video provider ThinQ Fitness ( has launched a brand new free App which will help those who want step-by-step fitness training take their favourite classes wherever and whenever they like. The App will allow users to stream hundreds of simple video fitness classes, which are currently available on the main website, from their iPhone and iPad.

From aerobics to belly dancing there are plenty of different workouts to try. There are even workouts that you can try at the gym. The app is free and you have access to a wide selection of videos but you can always upgrade to a ThinQ Fitness membership so that you can watch all the videos on the site for only £4.99 a month.

A qualified Personal Trainer takes you through each video step-by-step and gives you pointers on how to do the workout safely. You can also pick videos that suit the amount of time you have available, for example, if you are on your lunch break and only have time for a quick workout you can pick a 10 minute routine.

The App is simple to use – pause, rewind, fast forward all at the touch of a button. You won’t even need to bring a music player with you as each video session has music you’ll want to sing along to.

ThinQ Fitness App users can also browse all the latest health, fitness and nutrition articles straight from professional health and fitness experts using the ‘Lifestyle’ feature, and benefit from regular advice from personal trainers using the Blog feature.

Check out for more details.

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Zaggora Hotpants launch new products

Zaggora launched Hotpants to the world with huge success – selling over 275,000 pairs within the first five months. The concept is focused on harnessing body heat which stimulates calorie burning and helps to reduce cellulite. Eagerly anticipated by women all over the world, Zaggora has now expanded its range of technology-advanced active wear to give workouts in 2012 more power.

The new range includes ‘Flares’, leggings that target thighs, calves and bottom, ‘Capri Flares’ three quarter length leggings and ‘Nude Hotpants’ which can be worn under garments.

How Zaggora products work:

By increasing perspiration during workouts, the new products follow the same concept as Hotpants, helping you get more out of your time and effort, burning more calories and creating smoother legs.

Best results are seen through exercise as the new products increase perspiration by up to 80 percent. An essential exercise partner for every woman, Zaggora’s new range provides the equivalent of a 60 minute workout in just 30 minutes. Research has shown that for every gram of sweat, you burn half a calorie.

Deemed the celebrity’s ‘secret weapon’, loved by the likes of Tess Daly, The Saturdays, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Holly Valance and many more, the super comfortable ‘magic pants’ have become an essential ‘must-have’ accessory for every woman

Available from prices start from £44.99.

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Gadget of the Week: ila Sport Pedometer Alarm

Help stay safe and fit with this combined pedometer, calorie-counter and alarm. It’s easy to use, and enables you to make the most of a workout without having to worry about safety.

Ideal for walkers, joggers or even if you walk to and from walk as the winter nights draw in. It comes with a whole host of features including calorie counter, pedometer, distance travelled, clock, backlight, lightweight, plus 130Db personal alarm, giving you that extra bit of confidence if you are out when it’s dark.

Lightweight and easy to use, it can be clipped to your belt or clothing or even carried in your hand. When activated it emits a high 130db siren! Perfect for alerting attention and you can also see if you are getting your 10,000 steps a day too –  as recommended by the Department of Health.

Available from

Price £19.50

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Sport Chic: Sensoglove for golf lovers

Simple to use this is a great gift for the golfing dad to help him finely tune his golf swing and ultimately improve his game. The Sensoglove is the first and only golf glove with built in sensors that measure your grip pressure when you are holding the club.

It helps you attain a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores. It has a small 1.2 inch detachable digital monitor on top of the glove which analyses the pressure of your grip throughout every stage of your golf swing. You then get audio and visual feedback if you exceed your target level of grip pressure. Ideal for golfing fans at every level.

Available from Price £50

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