Hit the beach this summer with the beach towel clip

How many times have you been for a dip in the sea to come back to your towel – or where your towel was to find out it’s all screwed up or at worst blown away?! Well the beach towel clip is a simple new way to keep your beach towel in place. This handy little clip comes in a set of four and when snapped apart is simply pushed into the sand to hold down the four corners of your towel!  

No more searching for stones on the beach.No more using flip flops and water bottles to keep your towel flat. Just find your spot, clip your towel down and chill in the sun.

Available from     Price £9.99

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Girl Geek’s August must haves….

OK, so i AM a gir geek but I also *heart* shopping so there is always room in my life for just one more teeny weeny gadget.  Check out what I’m lusting after this summer with my top August must haves…and of course my birthday is just round the corner so a girls gotta have a wish list!

Samsung PL90 digicam with a USB arm is a no brainer!!!

Lov-ing this new camera as it’s so easy to use with it’s handy USB connector just like my trusty Flip. Its a 12.2 MP camera and comes with its own auto-install software making it really easy to upload or share your summer snaps. The USB arm also acts as a charger too. It even comes with a Beauty Function, which adjusts brightness, face tone and reduces facial flaws – now that can only be a good thing!

If you wear a bra, or know someone who does, you need The RacktrapTM

The RacktrapTM is an undetectable one-size-fits-all personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including your license, cash and credit cards conveniently in your bra! Great for travelling to keep your things safe when you’re on the go.  It is designed to fit comfortably in any size or style bra and dare I say it – the latest one is even sweatproof!

Funky iPad case for your travels

These iPad jackets by M-Edge are cute and colourful and perfect for summer. Made from durable canvas they are light-weight and compact so won’t weigh down your adorable Hindmarch. The jacket opens like a book and is available in a variety of brilliant hues! Also has an elastic strap to keep the front cover on when you’re not using your iPad.

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Gadget of the Week: BBQ Speakers

Given the fab weather at the moment, I just had to do a BBQ gadget on  my gadget of the week radio slot this week on


It’s always better to have a barbi and friends over when you’ve got your choonz on, so what better than these funky looking BBQ Speakers. 

They have decent audio quality, wireless convenience and cool industrial design and also come with a small remote control too. And if you fancy playing around with water pistols after a few drinkies or if youre in England and it decides to rain they are even water resistant so won’t get damaged.

Available around £80

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Digital BBQ Tongs

Well summer has reared its sunny head again (well sort of) so what a perfect time for this handy pair of digital BBQ Tongs for all you BBQ lovers out there. That’d be men then! Oh yes man loves BBQing and now man has ultimate BBQ toy. These little beauties not only come with an LED display, but they also have special sensors in the tips to detect the meat’s temperature.  No more uncooked burgers or pretending to eat raw chicken as once youve selected the preferred setting on the tongs, it will actually tell you, with a chimed alarm, when the meat is done. In fact, it has seven preset meat types and one custom setting. Job done!

Price $40

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Fun on the beach: Twister Beach Towel

I was doing my gadget girl slot on BBC2 ‘something for the weekend’ yesterday and got to play with the twister beach towel with Richard Bacon. It’s hilarious! It’s basically an up to date version of the Twister game from back in the day, but instread of a plastic mat and spinning dial, this is a huge beach towel and two inflatable dice. Brilliant! How much fun could you have with this on the beach slippin and a slidin in your bikini!

Available on line for £20. Bargain.

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