tech savvy

Top up your tech savvy with these quick ‘how to’ tips

How to download a TV show from iTunes

Why? To watch your fave TV show on your TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod.

What you need? iTunes and an Apple ID to access your iTunes store account.

How? Open iTunes, select store and sign in using your ID. Click on TV programmes at the top of the screen and use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for your chosen show. Click on ‘Buy’ and once downloaded it will be available under ‘TV shows’ to view.

How to make an online photo album

Why? To share and back up photos quickly and easily.

What you need? A computer, digital photos and an internet connection.

How? Choose a photo sharing website such as Log in, and then click on upload. Select your photos to upload, add titles and description. To share your pictures with family and friends, click on groups, choose public or private, then click create. Add your group name and start adding your photos.

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