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Top tips to declutter your desk!

I don’t know about you but as fast as I tidy my desk up it just seems to be a complete mess a nano later! What with all my gadgets, chargers, (sweeties) and loads of other bits I just can’t seem to keep on top of it all. Check out these handy gizmos to help you on your way to tidy desk heaven…

Cable Tidies

Get rid of cable spaghetti for good by using a decent cable tidy such as CableBox. Simply place your power strips and surplus cables in the box, closed the lid and done. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Multi Chargers

    Charge multiple gadgets at once by using multi device charging systems like the Zip Touch n Go. The small detachable cables with magnets at the end keep your gadgets connected to the charging base, take up less space and look pretty cool too.


      Use desk lamps that can charge mobile phones and MP3 players like the Podlamp. You can thread the cables neatly through the lamp to charge your gadgets while you’re working.

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        Top up your tech savvy with these quick ‘how to’ tips

        How to download a TV show from iTunes

        Why? To watch your fave TV show on your TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod.

        What you need? iTunes and an Apple ID to access your iTunes store account.

        How? Open iTunes, select store and sign in using your ID. Click on TV programmes at the top of the screen and use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for your chosen show. Click on ‘Buy’ and once downloaded it will be available under ‘TV shows’ to view.

        How to make an online photo album

        Why? To share and back up photos quickly and easily.

        What you need? A computer, digital photos and an internet connection.

        How? Choose a photo sharing website such as Log in, and then click on upload. Select your photos to upload, add titles and description. To share your pictures with family and friends, click on groups, choose public or private, then click create. Add your group name and start adding your photos.

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        Online Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks from Internet Explorer 9

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        Top tips for buying mobile broadband

        Calling all students!! Off to Uni soon and unsure of what to look out for when choosing a mobile broadband package? Follow hints and tips below to ensure you’re not caught out with a bad broadband deal that will swallow up your student loan in a nano second!

        1. Go Monthly

        If you are unsure of how your finances will be in 9 months time and worried about signing up to a long term contract, then a monthly deal could be the way to go. O2 currently offer a 1 month contract for £10 with a 1GB download allowance and a free dongle.

        2. Download with caution 

        Mobile broadband deals do not always have the most generous download allowances, so you need to be careful and not go over your usage cap with too many episodes of Skins! Excess usage costs can mount up to a lot of money, so keep an eye on the limits set on your contract.

        3. Beware of so called ‘freebies’

         A free laptop may look pretty enticing but you should always compare the cost of an equivalent broadband package and laptop purchased separately before signing up. These offers frequently turn out to be poor value for money and you could find yourself paying for your ‘freebie’ after all through an extortionate monthly tariff.

        4. Check your coverage 

         A mobile broadband connection isn’t much use if your chosen provider doesn’t have coverage in your area – rural areas are particularly unreliable. It is essential to do a postcode search with your chosen provider before signing up as patchy coverage could mean you are left without a connection when you need it most. Most mobile broadband providers offer a money back satisfaction guarantee in the first few days, so you can test the connection in your home. But if the signal is poor, don’t delay in taking it back.

        5. UK Only 

         Keep mobile broadband surfing to UK shores as the costs of data usage charges when using your dongle overseas could multiply up to 000’s of pounds.

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        5 tips for online shopping from work

        Top Tips

        Christmas is getting closer (yay!) and most of us work and most of us like to shop. Check out these 5 top tips for staying safe when shopping on line in the holiday season.

        1) Use your desktop PC, not your mobile device, to shop, because your desktop browser is likely to be more secure.
        2) Protect sensitive information, like credit card numbers, by password-protecting both your mobile device and its memory card.
        3) Make sure you update your anti-virus and anti-malware programs continually.
        4) Treat social networking sites with the same caution as other web sites-social sites are a growing target for fraudsters and virus writers.
        5) Be cautious of special offers. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Fake online offers and coupons may lead to harmful sites, so be suspicious.

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