Gadget Gran: micro scooter perfect present for grandkids

If you are thinking of buying your grandchild a scooter for Christmas then this is definitely the one to go for. It comes either as a mini for 3-5 year olds or a maxi for 6-12 year olds. As all children vary in height the handlebars (which can be either T bar or straight) are easily adjustable to suit. These scooters are well made from Swiss design, with a firm plastic platform. They have three wheels for good balance and come with a brake on the rear wheel to stop your grandchild wearing their shoes out when trying to stop.

There are six colours to choose from and also many accessories such as helmets, T shirts and bags. They are sturdy but still light enough to carry around but can corner very easily with a little foot pressure on either side of the platform. It couldn’t be easier to put together, the handlebars just slot into the base and all that is needed then is to tighten everything with the allen key provided and away you go. In the words of my 8 year old granddaughter who has loved using her pink maxi Micro Scooter – “It is such fun to use and I like the way it goes round corners“. “ I just love the pink colour and it is great to use around the house“. “ I always wear my helmet outside and I am very careful near the road”

The Micro Scooter is so easy to pack in the boot of the car if you are going out for the day with the family, a great way to keep the children occupied.

Just so the little ones aren’t left out there is also a scooter for toddlers 1 year plus that comes with a seat to keep them well balanced. If you are feeling adventurous there is also an adult scooter should you wish to join in the fun.

1+ starts from £29.95

3-5 from …….£49.95 – max user weight 20kg

6-12 from ……£99.95- max user weight 50kg

Adult model from £48.00

Available from

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Love Chic: Intelligence is sexy…

Stuck for Valentine’s day ideas, then check out this ‘discreet’ USB gadget for all you laydeez out there. Perfectly designed to fit in your handbag – if only you could store data on it too then it would have everything covered!

The Lelo Mia is a Swedish-made rechargeable lipstick vibrator with 4 powerful stimulation modes. It’s designed to give up to 4 hours of intense pleasure between charges (yikes!) – and best of all it’s USB compatible so you can simply charge it on a computer. Not sure how that would look though if someone popped in for a cuppa and your vibe is charging next to your laptop!

Available on line for around £37

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Girl Geek Chiclets: Putty Monsters have arrived!!


What do you get when you mix putty, plastic eyes and an incredibly talented inventor…Putty Monsters that’s what! After five months of planning, manufacturing and designing, school kid Tom Spring – winner of Firebox Inventor 2010 – will be presenting his very first invention to his class mates at Rothley Church of England Primary School. Hot off the Firebox production line, Tom will be giving his lucky class mates the chance to be the first people on earth to own their very own Putty Monster and will be gauging their reaction to the product.

Tom’s creation – Putty Monsters, is a collectible toy for small and big kids alike that combines putty with an online community; encouraging people to share and chat about their creations. Putty Monsters comes blind packaged so you never know what skin/eye colour combo you are going to get. There are five different skin/eye colours (three common, one rare and one ultra rare) and you even get a handy Spotter’s Guide to help you identify your monster’s ‘family’.

Unlike traditional modeling materials such as plasticine or clay, anything modeled in the putty will slowly melt at room temperature. 

Users will be encouraged to create as many different “Monsters” as possible from the putty and eyes, they will take photographs of their creations and upload them to an online database before they melt away. Once they have uploaded their monster they will be encouraged to name it and describe its characteristics. Online, users will also be able to see other people’s uploaded creations, comment, vote for their favourites and learn more about the Putty Monsters.

This simple concept of putty and a pair of eyes reinforces the theory behind product crazes – simple, fun, collectable and affordable.

The annual competition, ran by, in association with Stuff magazine, invites the general public to send in ideas for an original product that they would like to see sold by The e-tailer is currently on the look-out for next year’s winner.

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