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Father’s day gift for the dad who loves to read

For the dad who loves to read, the Kobo Touch eReader is a great father’s day gift.

The Kobo Touch is an of eReader that delivers a straight forward, clutter-free reading experience. Neat and compact, it’s a great travel companion which fits easily in your pocket. You can carry more than one book with you and it won’t weigh you down.

There are over one million free books and great savings on current printed books. Kobo Touch will allow users to read and store up to 1,000 eBooks, expanding to 32,000 with an SD card. It’s  light and stylish with a signature quilted back for comfort, which comes in four great colours: including blue, silver or black – perfect for dads.

Available at WHSmith Retail Stores or online at, John Lewis, Asda and Sainsbury’s

The Kobo Touch Edition £89.99 – Ultimate reading experience: lighter, faster, and with touch!

· Simple and intuitive touch screen navigation, that is just like reading a book with Real Touch™ technology

· Weighs just 185g

· Wi Fi connection to shop and browse the Kobo eBook store at home or on the go

· Free Previews – free excerpts of 15 popular books ready to read

· Newest E Ink 6 inch Screen with Pearl Technology and featuring 16 level grey scale for the sharpest reading experience

· A selection of fonts and font sizes, to customise your reading experience

Freedom to shop wherever you like

· Kobo supports ‘open’ books, which means you’re not restricted to buying titles from one site – you can shop around for the latest books from ‘open’ eBook retailers meaning more choice and always a competitive price

Freedom to read wherever you like

· Light and compact the Kobo Touch can go anywhere, but if you want to share your book with any other device you can

· Once you have bought your book, it’s yours to share with free Kobo eReading apps for smartphones, tablets and computers

Freedom to share your thoughts

· For the first time, avid readers can share their thoughts in the world’s biggest international book club, Reading Life

· The Reading Life function allows you to see the books friends have read and ask them for recommendations, see the books you have in common and invite friends to join Kobo via Facebook or email

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Rest easy with the total pillow

The Total Pillow is a pillow you can use anywhere – at home, in the office or on the go. In fact, it’s more than one pillow… it’s five in one!  Use as a neck or head rest; on a chair or the floor; or for lumbar support.  It is  filled with mouldable and supportive tension-easing microbeads meaning it can be shaped in several ways – and it retains its shape too.You can get comfortable wherever you are with the Total Pillow – in the car, watching TV or at work.

Available from  Price £9.95

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Girl Geek Chicklets: flying away with the kids this summer

I’m sure kids will love theses fun, colouful passport covers when going on their holibobs – I know I do and I’m *errrrrrm* not even a kid anymore!  No more panicking at the check-in scrambling around for all your passports in your hand luggage, the Bobo Kid Covers come in 5 different bright colors, so depending on how many bambinos you have, you could have a different colour for each of your babes. We like!

They are available from , price £13.

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Gadget of the Week: ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’


With most of us heading off on our summer hols *yay*,  getting comfortable while travelling and listening to music has just become easier with the Sound Asleep Travel Pillow.

It has an innovative design incorporating two speakers; is soft and squidgey, super comfy and the speakers are undetectable and unnoticeable to the touch. You may be asking – does it disturb other passengers? But cleverly it doesn’t, and the sound is just for the lucky person with the pillow.

You just simply connect to your MP3 player ‘turn on, tune in and drop off’. No headphones to worry about, it’s also great for kids who find headphones too big to wear.

Batteries are not required – the travel pillow gets all the power it needs from the connected device. And, as it’s fully portable, the handbag-sized travel pillow can be easily thrown into your beach bag for use on your sun lounger, by the pool or packed into your hand luggage for use on business trips.

The Sound Asleep Travel Pillow is ergonomically designed to gently sit around the curve of your neck and support your head. Made from high quality soft materials with a seamless finish and filled with polystyrene beads, the plush cushion keeps its shape and is soft next to the skin – perfect for a good old snooze on a long-haul flight.

Price is £15 and is available in black with a green trim.

Check out for more details.

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