Fight the fat with the treadmill desk

Used by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Nike and The White House active workstations enable you to work AND walk at the same time. Basically you can get physical at work – so to speak – without impacting on your busy schedule.


There are different models to suit your office needs so you can get the right active workstation to best meet your needs. The desks are ergonomically engineered with built in cushioning on the desk front for your wrist, with a large desk size to replicate conventional desk space.

The workstations are also Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync with a computer. This shares your data with a proprietary app that sits on your computer desktop. You can track your steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled all on your computer screen as you walk.

Perfect way to get fit this New Year!

Available to buy in the UK from Priced from £1499.99

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