Event: Regent Tweet 23rd June

Regent Tweet Logo

I’m very excited this year to be invited to participate in Regent Tweet.

The Regent Tweet website describes the event as follows.

“Regent Tweet is an experiential shopping and lifestyle event for women that engages Regent Street’s fashion and lifestyle shops, bars and restaurants with online influencers. The itinerary includes lectures at the Apple Store, workshops and many opportunities to receive complimentary products and experiences. The SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge and Concept Store will serve as the Regent Tweet Hub, where you can tweet and blog to your heart’s content and relax.”

I’m looking forward the starting the day with a free pastry at Tibits, hoping to be one of the lucky girls to get a free pair of sandals at Ugg and taking part in a cupcake masterclass at Whole Foods.

Will it all work out this way on the day? Follow the hash tag #regenttweet or check back on on Sunday to find out!

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Like Facebook and Twitter?

Let’s face it most of us just love our Facebook and Twitter and what better present for a social networking addict than these ‘Like’ and’ Follow’ fleece cushions. These handcrafted cushions are emblazoned with either the word ‘Follow’ alongside a regulation ‘Add’ icon or with the globally recognised ‘Thumbs-up’ icon and its accompanying four-letter word ‘Like’. They are even filled with highly squishable polyester fibres, making them perfect for snuggling into after a hard day of tweeting utterly pointless 140 character status updates into your gizmo of choice!

Available from Prices start at £24.99

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Easily share videos on Twitter with Twitvid

For all you Blackberry and iPhone kids who love a good ‘tweet’ check out TwitVid. You can now post short vids on Twitter using your Blackberry (pretty similar to apps that have been available from iTunes for a while).

Simply download the app, click “Record a New Video,” record, enter your tweet and send. Easy peasy! It’s then posted on your Twitter page with a link to the video. TwitVid will tell you how many characters are left to type as we know – your characters are limited, but the length of the video isn’t. Now when you say you’re having a glass of wine in the sun, you can show them how you look drinking it! Yay!

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Top Tip: @spam dodgey Twitter accounts

How annoying is it when you get a follower on Twitter and you check out their page and they are a dodgey spammer. Top Tip: next time you suspect a Twitter user is a spammer, tweet their handle to @spam – Twitter’s spam watcher. It checks out the account and removes it if is just another spammer.

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Tweet yourself slimmer


I’m sure like myself, a few of you out there have tried to keep a food diary. Borrrring!  It can be a) soooo dull and b) difficult to keep on top of. We all know how easy it is to forget a kebab in the early hours of the morning after a boozy night out – or is that just me?! Anyway you no longer have an excuse as you can tweet your way to slimness and diary update heaven.

Sign up for free to  amd simply tweet what you eat to @twye and no matter where you are or how much you’ve drank this will update your personal online food diary. It even calculates your total calorie intake too. Now, what have I recently tweaten?

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