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Love heart flying lanterns for your Valentine

Show your beloved how you truly feel by sending a beautiful heart-shaped lantern soaring through the sky. This glowing expression of love will fly for up to 20 minutes and can rise over a mile in the sky where it will still be visible all around!

Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, flying lanterns are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for any kind of event, but this new version is specially made for lovers and is perfect for Valentine’s day, or any time you want to send a message of adoration.

Made from flame-retardant, bio-degradable materials this is a quieter, gentler alternative to fireworks and a safe, simple and perfect way to create an amazing visual display in the sky!

Available from


A pack of two heart shaped lanterns

The lanterns are created from non-flammable bio-degradable paper.

Each pack is printed with release instructions and safety instruction.

Suitable for ages 16 years+.


Lantern: 84 x 96 cm

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5 Valentines pressies for under £10

Valentines is just around the corner so rather than splashing out loads of sponz on expensive gifts check out my fab 5 gifts for under a tenner coz it’s all about the love.

Mini Hottie Handwarmer

This is a cute pocket sized handwarmer and it comes in it’s own knitted heart case. Just snap the clicky thing (technical term!) and the liquid goes solid and warms up your mitts and lasts for around 45 minutes at a time. Need to use it again? Just pop in a pan of boiling water, it re-liquifies and you’re as good as new.

Price £4.99

Spa Lights

Chill out and relax with these romantic spa lights on Valentines night. Totally waterproof, either stick them around the bath with the slippery little sucker feet or let them float freely around the bubbles mmmmm. They phase through lots of relaxing colours and last for an amazing 120 hours. Bring on the spa!

Price £7.99 for a pack of 2

Love Toast

Love Toast will stamp ‘Love’ on your toast with a heart shape instead of the ‘O ‘, cute. Perferct for your Valentine’s breakfast in bed and so easy to do. Just press the stamp on your bread, pop in the toaster and away you go. We love Love Toast at girlgeekchic towers!

Price £2.99

Omni Massage Roller


Omni Massage Roller provides a stimulating, deep tissue massage with an easy to grip handle. You can use it through clothes as well as on your bod and it’s even waterproof so you can massage away in the bath! Great pressie to relieve your aching muscles!

Price £9.99

Love Heart Flying Lanterns

These heart shaped flying lanterns are so romantic just make sure it’s not windy when you go outside to let them float away otherwise it will be over in seconds! Just light it, and once it’s full of air it gently drifts off into the distance. How wowmantic!

Price £9.99

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Geeky couples rejoice: virtual iPhone valentine’s gifts

The Little World Gifts store is now open for Valentine’s Day selling gorgeous high-quality 3D virtual gifts for your online sweetheart. For those of you who tweet more than you talk and spend romantic evenings discussing your favourite smartphone, these little luxury virtual objects are just perfect! I’d quite like someone to send me an Elvis.

It’s basically an iPhone (and iPod Touch) app which allows users to send each other boootiful 3D virtual gifts that they can touch and play with (ooerr). The app also features a range of free gifts, and makes use of recent additions to the iPhone OS, allowing gifts to be bought via in-app purchase. They are also delivered in real-time using push notifications.

Simply buy then using your iTunes account so no hassle having to enter credit card deets. It also integrates with Facebook, so gifts are sent using your Facebook friends list, and can be shared and displayed in a separate Facebook app.

For more information check out

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Top 5 Valentine’s Day pressie ideas

It’s nearly Valentines Day so here are some gift ideas to make a change from the usual flowers and chocolates and underwear and candlelit dinners – oh yeh, that’s me dreaming…

Check them out, I like alllllll of them if anyone fancies surprising me ?!

Valentine Heart Earphones

Cute, I *luv* these little things, then again I like most heart things – how old am I ?! They’re compatible with devices with a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket so perfect for listening to your iPod on your way to your Valentine’s date. Ear bud is about 1.25″ on a on 45″ plastic cord. Let’s get it on!

3D Valentines Card

So if you fancy getting creative for your luved one then why not have a go at making your own custom 3D card. Ok, so really all it is is a card covered in little hearts (awwww) with a pair of 3D sunglasses so it *looks* like the hearts are all a float behind the surface of the paper. Simply express your finest words of undying luv in black ink on the top and the text will float above the sea of hearts – how romantic?!

I Love You Music Pillow

Not quite sure how I’d react if someone got me this, I’d be like errrr thanks you must *really* luv me, but it’s just so tacky it makes me really like it in a weird way. You can connect to any external music sources using the 3.5mm stereo audio connector. Just pop your head on the pillow lie back and listen to your favourite choonz, just don’t take it out of the house!!

Handy Heart Warmer 

Cold hands – warm heart ? Now you can warm your hands too with this heart shaped pocket size hand warmer. You can warm up your luv forever!

USB Aromatherapy oil burner

This is definitely an original take on a memory stick! You simply add one drop of the included aromatherapy oil onto the little X, insert into a USB drive (horizontal drives preferred to prevent drips) and then you’re office will smell all yummy and lavendery . There is no software or drivers to install, the oil burner just needs to get warm. Ahhhh the sweet smell of success!

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