Yoga Paws: ‘The Yoga Mat you Wear’

Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves that you wear on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo ‘The Yoga Mat You Wear.’

They also work with a yoga mat too, keeping you secure in every yoga pose. They are made with a yoga towel liner that absorbs seven times its weight in moisture so still work even if you break into a sweat!

Available around £29.99 on

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Audio yoga mat so you can work out with music

The Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat is designed with a small built-in speaker so you can work out or meditate while listening to your MP3 player or iPod® player.  You can also download a free instructional yoga program featuring world-renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee. This is a good quality mat with thick comfort, durability and stylish design that easily rolls up.

The Gaiam Audio Mat retails for around £25 and can be purchased directly from Gaiam

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